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Fine chemical company in Europe wanted

Company to buy

  • Size: large business
  • Revenue: larger than 20M
  • Location of the fine chemical company: Europe, US
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the fine chemical division of the buyer want to expand the number of manufacturing plants
  • #CFIE PHB006

Overview of the fine chemical company in Europe wanted

The buyer is a large Japanese manufacturing company specialized in a wide portfolio of products. At present, the company has two main business fields - glass production and chemical products. Currently, the management is looking to enhance its chemical division by acquiring an existing chemical / pharma company in Europe. The company is mainly looking for a fine chemical manufacturing plant, specializing in APIs or generic APIs. The buyer has a global presence and is looking for targets in all EU countries.

Profile (strategy) of the fine chemical company buyer 

The buyer is a large company with a history of 80 years, now operating with a global presence, with multiple specializations. Their main business is glass production, specializing in the architectural glass market and automotive glass production. The second business, chemical manufacturing, includes production of glass fiber, fertilizers and the manufacture of various organic and inorganic fluorine-based fine chemical products. Apart from this, the buyer is also active in electronic materials production, such as the production of lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, etc. 

The company has more than 30 subsidiaries and affiliates around the world, and employs more than 7,000 people. Currently, the management of the fine chemical division of the buyer is looking to expand the number of facilities, thus, is looking for an acquisition. The fine chemical division of the buyer is well established and can handle commercial scale manufacturing for a wide range of fluorine compounds. The fine chemical business is strongly supported by its R&D activities.

The buyer supplies a wide range of industries including:

  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemicals
The buyer has a global presence and the majority of its turnover stems from export. The buyer constantly invests in the development of new products to meet new market requirements.

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Activities and products of the target fine chemical company 

The buyer is looking for fine chemical manufacturing companies. The ideal specialization of the target is in APIs or in generic APIs. Apart from that, the buyer is also looking for fine chemical producers, specialized in other sectors like the cosmetics industry, semiconductors, or specialty chemical production. The buyer is also open to receiving offers from producers in agricultural businesses.

The company should generate revenue of a several tens of millions in euros per year and should ideally be financially stable and profitable. The location is not a decisive factor, the target can be from any European country, or even from the U.S. The owners will also consider opportunities from  India and similar developing countries.

The target should be able to manufacture conditions and have all necessary accreditations. The target plant should ideally be flexible and growing in production volume.

Highlights of the fine chemical company buyer

  • The buyer is a multinational pharmaceutical group with more than 7 thousand employees.
  • The buyer is specialized among others in fine chemical production.
  • The target should be a fine chemical manufacturing company with 20 – 50M EUR of annual revenue.

Information on this buyer of pharma fine chemical company

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