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Document management company wanted

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Buyer for document management company in Europe

  • The sales of document management companies to buy should be between 10m and 100m Euro.
  • The location can be anywhere in France, Germany or Scandinavia.
  • The document management companies should focus on document management, performing inbound and outbound services. The inbound should preferably be on EMC Captiva.
  • #CFIE ITB300
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is interested in growing in north Europe, and now plans to increase through organic growth and acquisitions.

Document management company buyer

A larger European document handling company is planning to increase the value of the business through acquisitions that will give several synergies. The company has several outsourcing services and solutions, including mail solutions, data processing, invoice management, printing etc.

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Document management company to buy

The company to buy should be a document management company, and a specialist in such products. The buyer is looking for a company with good knowledge on the field and stable client portfolio. The company should be located in north Europe, preferably France, Germany or Scandinavia.

Highlights Document management company

The buyer is a larger player (and a consolidated company itself) in its sector and an European leader within document handling. The company to buy should be active in document handling, similar to the buyer. The management of the target Document management company should be able to stay or have the flexibility to leave after a handover to the buyer.

Information on Document management company wanted

Please do get in touch if you know such Document management company available in Northern Europe. This buyer is open to acquire a company as described above.  Please get in touch if you are looking for Document management companies to buy. Please do get in touch if you are planning to sell your Document management Company. For further Document management or other ICT companies for sale it is best to go to the section ICT companies for sale. For further ICT buyers please visit the section ICT companies wanted.