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Cosmetics and energy curing systems manufacturer in Europe wanted

Company to buy

  • Size: small - to large-sized business
  • Revenue: 3 -30M EUR
  • Location of the target manufacturer: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer decided to expand or supplement its business through acquisitions 

Overview of this cosmetics manufacturer in Europe wanted 

The management of a European chemical group is looking to acquire cosmetics or energy curing manufacturer or distributor. The group generates sales of more than 75 million EUR and is active in Europe and USA. Currently, they decided to expand its business through M&A.

Profile (strategy) of the cosmetics and energy curing systems manufacturer buyer

The buyer is a chemical manufacturer and distributor, active in two business areas. The main business area is cosmetics manufacturing; the company specializes in development, trading & distribution of synthetic & natural raw materials for the cosmetics industry. The production of the buyer includes active ingredients, emulsifiers, aloe vera extract, tendens etc. The buyer has its own sales presence in Europe and distributor network in North America & Asia. The customers of the company include the largest global companies and sellers of cosmetics and similar production. 

The second business area of the buyer is development, trading & distribution of thinners, binders & additives for the paint, coatings & adhesives industry. These products are used in ultraviolet and electron beam cure technologies and are widely used as industry standards. These products are being sold in Europe, USA, and Asia. For these chemicals, the customers also include the largest chemical conglomerates in the world.

The company also has activities in the scent and taste business, developing food ingredients, food colouring, and fragrances for various industries.

The company is active for more than 40 years and has operations in 30+counries all over the world. The management of his buyer considers acquiring company active in any of its three business areas. 

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Activities and products of ideal cosmetics and energy curing systems manufacturer target

The buyer is interested in expanding or supplementing its business through acquisitions of profitable companies in Europe. The buyer focuses on the expansion of the existing business areas, therefore ideal target should operate in the same industry sector as the buyer.

The ideal target should, therefore, be a cosmetics manufacturer. Local cosmetics distributors could be considered as well as producers of raw materials, e.g. plant-based active ingredients manufacturer for the cosmetics industry. The targets in the energy curing industry are also an option, specifically a producer of UV raw materials.

The company will also consider targets which are not in its core business sector. With solid financing, the company will also consider another business in consulting-intensive B2B sales. This target should ne is an attractive business in the high-end sector (technology lead) with gross margins of 25% or more. In the past, the company was evaluating potential targets from the following industries: API, Agrochemicals, Food Additives, Textile. 

Targets would ideally have a turnover of between 3M and 30MEUR. The buyer is not oriented at a specific country, but looking in any country of Europe, the exact region is not specified.

Highlights of the cosmetics and energy curing manufacturer buyer

  • The buyer is a company oriented at cosmetics, energy curing and food ingredients chemical manufacturing.
  • The buyer is ready to consider targets with revenue between 3 to 30 EUR with positive cashflow.
  • The buyer serves customers that are the top chemical and cosmetics conglomerates in the world.

Information about the cosmetics manufacturer buyer

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this cosmetics and energy curing systems manufacturer wanted or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers of chemical companies please visit the section chemical companies wanted. For chemical companies for sale visit the section chemical companies for sale.