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Chemical distribution company in Germany wanted

Company to buy

  • Size: small to large sized business
  • Revenue: EUR 1 - 20M
  • Preferred location of the target: Germany or Austria
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer is looking for an acquisition to expand and enhance the value chain 
  • #CFIE CHB004

Overview of this chemical distribution company in Germany wanted

The management of a chemical company manufacturing mainly on carbon products is looking for an opportunity to acquire a chemical distributor in order to enhance their value chain. The buyer is looking for a distributor already well established in the region with revenue of more than 1M EUR.

Profile (strategy) of this chemical distribution company buyer

The buyer is a North-American manufacturer and supplier of graphene powder for use in various industries. Apart from this, the buyer also provides thermoplastic products to customers in 

  • Packaging industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Electronics manufacturing etc.

The buyer is highly innovative and has various patent protected production technologies (granted and pending). The production capacity reaches more than 50 tons/year capacity in two production facilities in North America. Currently, the buyer has more than 50 experienced people in production and research.

The production manufacturing company, its patents and production facilities as well as labs where master batches are formulated, packaged and shipped is located in North America, this company already has one subsidiary in Europe. 

The buyer has a long history of successful growth and currently is actively seeking to acquire companies downstream the value chain in order to boost its growth and long-term value.

The buyer company is financially strong, with revenues of multiple billion EUR and has been a highly regarded in its field for more than 40 years. The company operates internationally and sells its products in 150 countries. The history of the buyer includes completing more than 100 acquisitions which prove that the buyer is a good partner for strategic long-term growth.

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Activities and products of the chemical distribution company target

The management of the company is committed to acquiring companies downstream in the value chain with profitable established businesses that would also give permit gradual access to users and other key intermediaries pivotal in realizing the benefits that will lead to existing and new products and applications.

The buyer is looking mainly for a small chemical distributor, compounder or mixer located in Europe. The preferred geographical location is Germany; however, it can be also in Austria or other countries of Europe.

Financially, the company should have annual revenues between 1M and 20M EUR and healthy EBITDA margins. The buyer focuses on established companies, with a successful track record and good references.

Highlights of this chemical distribution company buyer

  • The buyer is an acquisitive company, looking for distributor which will be able to help the manufacturer with sales and market placement.
  • The buyer is highly innovative and one of the largest manufacturers globally in its segment.
  • The target should have revenue between 1M and 20M EUR.

Information on the chemical distribution company buyer

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer of the chemical distributor or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more chemical company buyers, visit the section chemical company buyers on our page. For more chemical companies for sale, visit the section chemical companies for sale.