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Company to buy

  • Size: Small to Medium Size
  • Revenue: 2-20m Euro
  • Reason for acquisition: The Company is looking
    for an add-on acquisition in order to expand its reach in the water pumps industry.
  • Location of the target: Germany
  • #CFIE MAB153

Overview of the buyer for a water pumps engineering company in Germany

This buyer
have been active in the pump industry for over 150 years, as  an engineering company specialized in
production of pumps and pump systems, foundry, CNC machining and
diagnostics and pump testing services. Today, the buyer

offers a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to the needs of its

The buyer is scanning the market for
some time now but has not made an acquisition yet.

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to know more about this buyer and its acquisition intentions.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for a water pumps engineering company in Germany

The company is present is the market for more than fifteen
decades and has maintained a commitment to research, innovation and development
that has set in a sustained and constant growth. They invest intensively in
research and development to meet the needs of their clients.

The company is one of the largest and most modern equipped
units by possesing a pump station and employing over 50 highly qualified

This buyer usually work with the largest water and
sewage plants in Europe, as well as with heating and energy industries as well
as mines. They export their products to over 40 countries and every year they
note an increase in exports.

New pump designs that are created in the R&D
department of this company, successfully compete with technical parameters and
energy efficiency with products of recognized world producers.

This company is well established and successfully
compete with the largest international corporations, offering more flexible and
personalized solutions, as well as a faster response to the needs of its

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Activities and products 

The buying company is dedicated to the field of
pumps and pumping systems, in particular those directed to the water and sewage
industry, and has intellectual potential and high production capacity.

Its own foundry allows the production of pumps in a
wide range of material versions, individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

The company has a modern, intensively modernized
machinery park and one of the most modern
largest pump testing stations in its area. In addition to the pump production
plant, the buyer has a foundry plant in its structure, producing iron, steel
and non-ferrous metal castings.

The company’s achievements both in the production
of modern, competitive pumps and active market activity are recognized by
various expert bodies, which is reflected in the distinctions and prizes
obtained by this company.

The buyer
is looking for target reaching a stable EBITDA and specialized in supplying the
same engineering sector as the buyer, especially water pumps, in order to make
use of potential synergies to continually improve production, as well as the
products themselves.

Highlights for the buyer for a water pumps engineering company in Germany

  • Managing and conducting
    design and production processes in the company buyer is based on international
    norms of Quality, Environment, and Safety Management System with ISO 9001.
  • The company bases its development on its own research and development department,
    in which it employs excellent scientific and technical staff and on gaining new
    markets, both geographic and industry ones.
  • For the development of
    exports, this company uses every opportunity that appear, thanks to which it
    has found distributors from different areas.
  • The company is looking for a target that possesses a stable EBIDTA. 

Information about this buyer for a water pumps engineering company in Germany

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