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Company to buy

  • Size: any sized business
  • Revenue: 5-50 million EUR
  • Preferred location: any country of Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer company wants to expand in Europe and invest in the acquisition of a suitable company
  • #CFIE PLB091

Overview of this buyer for plastic preforms manufacturers

We are communicating with a buyer, a large plastic manufacturer located in Western Europe, which wants to grow its production facilities across Europe. The buyer company is growing rapidly and regarded in the plastic preforms industry because of its high quality and technological advancement. Currently, the buyer is looking at acquisition targets in the preforms business, with a good track record and client portfolio.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for PET preforms manufacturers in Europe

The buyer is an international rigid plastic packaging supplier, founded approximately 30 years ago. The buyer is active in PET preform production and  PET bottle production. The preforms from the buyer company are used as a bottle for e.g.:

  • water
  • detergents
  • milk
  • beer
  • fruit juices
  • soft drinks
  • edible oils
  • ketchup

The buyer is one of the technological leaders in the preforms manufacturing business. The company is a synonym for high quality and innovativeness in the field of preform manufacturing. The company has its own R&D department, which puts them (thanks to innovations) in a strategically very good position in the market. The company is generating more than 300 million EUR in revenue.

The buyer company has more than 10 manufacturing facilities in more than 3 continents. Currently, they want to expand in Europe, where most of their customers are located. The buyer company has done acquisitions before and has sufficient funds for acquisitions.

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Activities and products of a suitable PET preforms manufacturing target

The buyer company is continually growing and wants to continue with an expansion in Europe. That is the reason the owners are currently looking at acquisition options throughout Europe. The buyer company is currently targeting and evaluing acquisition opportunities in the plastic packaging sector.

The target company should ideally be a PET preforms manufacturer with own manufacturing location (or multiple). The buyer is also open to PET bottles manufacturer. An ideal company should have a modern and automatized production facilities, equipped with modern and precise machines, and have a stable employee team. 

The target should have 5- 50 million in revenue and positive EBITDA. Valuation offered by the buyer will reflect the present profitability of the company. The buyer has adequate funds for small or a large acquisition. Geographically, the company is open to targets from any country in Europe.

Highlights of this buyer for a plastic PET preforms company

  • The buyer is a plastic preforms and bottles manufacturer, that is currently following an aggressive acquisition strategy 
  • The buyer has funds available, therefore the acquisition would be quick and without long funding processes
  • The buyer is able to help the target financially or with know how
  • The buyer is willing to start the acquisition process right after finding a suiting target

Information about this buyer of PET preforms company

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this plastic preforms manufacturers buyer. We have experts in the plastic industry and we can help you find buyers or sellers. If you are interested specifically in the plastics sector, visit our section plastic companies for sale or plastics companies’ buyers. 

More information on this buyer for a preform manufacturer in Europe

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this buyer for a preform manufacturer in Europe. For more plastics companies for sale please visit the section plastics companies for sale. For other plastics buyers, please visit the section plastics companies wanted. If you are instead interested in plastics companies for sale, please visit the plastics companies for sale section. For plastics buyers, please visit the section plastics companies wanted.

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