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Buyer for a plastic waste management and recycling company

Company to buy

  • Size: large-sized business
  • Revenue: approx. 25M EUR
  • Location of the target manufacturer: Central Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer is interested in investing its resources into its expansion plans including acquisitions  
  • #CFIE PLB104

Overview of this buyer for waste management company

The buyer company is a large company active in the plastics business, willing to take over plastic recycling companies, preferably in Germany also in Eastern Europe like Bulgaria or Romania. The owners are however ready to consider options also in other countries of Europe.

Profile (strategy) of this plastic waste management buyer

The company looking for acquisition is a large company established in plastic recycling & waste management with revenue exceeding 25 Million per year, and with the profitability of approx. 2.5 M EUR. The buyer is focused on recycling of plastics, paper, cardboard, cans (tin & steel) and WEEE. Currently, the buyer has operations across the globe in strategic locations, creating a platform to supply emerging markets & build strong partnerships.

The company’s activities include: 

  • processing and washing post-consumer mixed plastics
  • shredding, granulation and baling processing
  • provision of recycling services to various types of clients
  • excellent knowledge and experience on plastic polymers

The buyer has multiple quality certifications in place including ISO9001 and ISO 14001. 

The company has an international presence in international markets in paper, cardboard, plastics, and metal. Th buyer has company representative offices in major European and Asian countries and multiple recycling and production facilities in its country. Currently, they and are looking to expand the number of plants. 

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Activities and products of ideal plastic recycling target

The buyer is looking for waste management company focused on any kind of a plastic waste. The company prefers targets in one of the following countries:

  • Germany;
  • Romania; 
  • Bulgaria;
  • Holland;
  • France.

Despite the preference, the owners are open also to the company from other countries, if it comes up as suitable.

The buyer is able to finance acquisitions in between 10-15 million EUR of value from its own resources. For companies with larger asking price, the company has available bank funding. The management of the buyer wants to start the M&A ASAP, and they are already looking at possible targets. 

The company should have stable revenues of approximately up to 25M EUR. The number of employees is not important to the buyer. Thanks to its long-time history, the buyer company is able to bring synergies in plastic & recycling expertise.

Highlights of the buyer for a plastic waste management and recycling company 

  • The buyer is a company focused on provision of recycling services to local authorities, retailers and waste management companies.
  • The buyers consolidated revenue reaches 25M EUR annually.
  • The buyer is looking to extend its number of recycling facilities in countries of Europe.

Information on the plastic recycling and waste management companies’ buyer

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer for recycling companies in Europe wanted or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers of plastic recycling companies or other plastics-related companies please visit the section plastics companies wanted. For plastic-related companies for sale visit the section plastics companies for sale.