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Company to buy

  • Size: large businesses
  • Revenue: 10 -100 million EUR
  • Preferred location of the target: any country of Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is a large Asian based that wants to gain know-how in the petrochemical industry and looks for an acquisition of a petrochemical business now
  • #CFIE CHB035

Overview of this buyer for a petrochemical company in Europe

A stock-listed Asian buyer is interested to grow its activity in the petrochemical industry. Hence it wants to acquire a company Europe that has experience and up to date knowledge on new technologies in the petrochemical field. The buyer considers acquisition of an established company with innovative approach.  Feel free to contact and we can introduce you to this potential buyer. 

Profile (strategy) of this chemical company buyer

The buyer is a large refinery company, with over 100 years of history. The buyer has a strong market position in the oil industry in its domestic country. Currently employs over 1000 employees and has a turnover in billions of EUR. 

The buyer is a group of companies, with each with its own specialization. The group has activities in the fields of:

  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical production
  • Ethanol manufacturing
  • Transportation of oil products
  • Base oil production etc.

This buyer has contacted CFIE in order to get information about the opportunities in the petrochemical business. The buyer management decided to diversify their business and invest (among others) in a chemical production company in Europe.

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Activities and products of a suitable target 

The buyer group is profitable and has high amounts of cash for investments, therefore they want to reinvest the funds and is scanning the M&A market for opportunities in the chemicals and petrochemical sectors in Europe.

The buyer is looking for companies in

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Chemical solvents business
  • Engine oil production
  • Ethanol production

The buyer will look only at targets that have strong R&D and is using progressive technologies, that could be transferred to the buyer after the acquisition. Geographically, Western European targets will be the number one option, however, targets from other European countries are also an option for the buyer. 

The valuation of the company should reflect the profitability and future outlook of EBITDA. The buyer will also look at the innovation potential of the target and its IP. The buyer will be happy to leave current management team and owners (if they are interested) as minority shareholders.

Highlights of this buyer for a petrochemical company 

  • The buyer is looking for a company in petrochemical business or similar chemical production
  • The buyer is a large group, the target would, therefore, get personal and financial backing
  • The buyer has funds available and the M&A project can start as soon as a suitable target comes up

Information about this buyer

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer of the petrochemical companies or if you know possible interested or suited parties. We know the chemical business and possible chemical acquisition targets. For more chemical company buyers, visit the section chemical companies buyers on our page. For more chemical companies for sale, visit the section chemical companies for sale.

More information on this buyer for a petrochemical company in Europe

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this buyer for a petrochemical company in Europe. For more chemical companies for sale please visit the section chemical companies for sale. For other chemical buyers, please visit the section chemical companies wanted. If you are instead interested in chemical companies for sale, please visit the chemical companies for sale section. For chemical buyers, please visit the section chemical companies wanted.

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