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Buyer for IT Health company in Europe

IT Health company in Europe to buy

  • Revenue: 2-50M EUR
  • Employees: not decisive
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is a large international laboratory company. It has a strategy for growing its operations in Europe via acquisitions, therefore the management is open to speaking to interested sellers
  • #CFIE ITTB231

Overview of the Buyer for IT Health company in Europe

The buyer is a leading international group active in providing medical laboratory services to patients, physicians, healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical organizations. Its diagnostic and testing services are delivered in more than 40 countries across 4 continents. The buyer operates a network of more than 2700 offices and medical biology laboratories around the world and its catalogue consists of more than 5000 specialized tests. The group employs globally more than 10000 people that are biologists, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and medical secretaries. The buyer is involved also in performing services such as inspection, verification, testing and certification. The successful business model is to be an institution that combines the capabilities of a network that operates on global scale and in the same time it can be a local partner able to provide clients with personal consulting and services suited to their needs. In the present, the group is planning to develop new capabilities that will enable the offering of better services. It started a digitalization journey and is focusing on adding more value to the data generated in its laboratories. The buyer is working on deploying AI/ML in Health services and is looking to acquire companies from the IT field that develop solutions specifically for Healthcare industry. Target companies can activate in IT Health sectors such as SaaS, Software Development, AI, E-Commerce, Digital Pharma, Big Data, etc.

Profile (strategy) of the Buyer for IT Health company in Europe

The buyer is a company whose business purpose is to provide actionable diagnostic information that helps people to get and remain healthy. That is why it supports medical centres with highly efficient diagnostic technology solutions and products. The team is a primary provider in many national healthcare systems and its scientific experts are keen to offer individual consultation and valuable interpretation of results. This is the base for an efficient and effective therapy, so this is the reason why the company is always looking to accelerate the development of new and more efficient diagnostic procedures and solutions. There is a particular focus on the creation and implementation of innovative laboratory medical approaches and on enlarging the network of competences in specialized diagnosis. The group collaborates constantly with research institutions, universities and academics in searching of better methods and practices.

There is covered the whole range of diagnostic procedures, from testing, evaluation to final diagnostics. The team shares its knowledge and professional abilities to make sure the patient's health needs are fulfilled. The efficient diagnostic services are ensured thanks to cutting-edge technologies that are provided in more than 2000 laboratories and blood collecting points. The testing capabilities are highly specialized and able to ensure accurate and safe results. The main goal here is to discover the individual risk of disease very early so that the patient is able to get well very soon. For this reason, it is needed to always obtain advanced diagnostic technology solutions. The buyer is looking to acquire companies with strong IT acumen applied in healthcare industry.
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IT Health company in Europe

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Activities and products of the IT Health target company

The buyer is looking to acquire a company that is active in areas related to:
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Medical Testing & Analysis
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Automated Screening
  • Reporting
  • ERP
  • Big Data
  • AI
  • SaaS

Highlights of the Buyer for IT Health company in Europe

  • The buyer is a large international group with activities in medical laboratory services
  • The group is involved in scientific research and has an extraordinary network of specialists
  • The buyer wants to improve its medical capabilities and is looking to acquire an IT Health company

Information of this Buyer for IT Health company in Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this IT Health company in Europe wanted or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers in the IT sector please visit the section ITS  companies wanted. For companies for sale in the ITS or IT Health industry please feel free to visit the section ITS companies for sale.

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