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Company to buy

  • Revenue: 2M to 50M EUR revenue
  • Employees: >15
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer want to expand their presence in the software development sector, especially in the HR software development
  • #CFIE ITB018b

Overview of the buyer for HR software company in Europe

A large global software company is looking for acquisitions of companies from the human resources software industry sector. The buyer wants to strengthen its position in HR software development by acquiring a financially healthy and well experienced target company. The target company should have strong references and large client base. The owners are ready to review any IT company for sale, even if the target company fulfils only one of the preferences.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for HR software developer in Europe

The buyer is a developer of HR software solutions enabling client companies to manage their human resources more effectively. The company’s existing software acts as a control centre and information repository on HR services in the company. The software of the company is focused on reducing duplication and errors, minimizing the time spent by staff on day-today administration. The company developed software providing better workflow and employee self-service facilities.

The buyer is a specialized in developing and customizing HR solutions for improving the personal department of large and medium size client companies. The company s staff consists of more than 3000 people worldwide. The company is acquisitive and wants to constantly expand its presence in Europe. The buyer has sufficient own funds and is ready to finance any acquisition if a suited target occurs.

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Activities and services of the HR software target company

The ideal target company should be a small, medium or large company with a revenue of 2 to 50M EUR. The suited target should ideally have a client base already in place with long-term contracts (SaaS model).

Examples of software solutions that will be of interest are:

  • Complete HR management
  • Absence Management
  • People Planning
  • Time Management
  • Training and development management
  • Payroll
  • Remuneration
  • Promotions and staff changes
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Expenses
  • Shift patterns

The software of the company should make the work in HR departments more efficient and effective. The region of the ideal target company is not specified; the management of a buyer will consider any location of the target.

Highlights of the buyer for HR software companies in Europe

  • The buyer is a large global conglomerate operating in the IT industry, with HR solutions development as one of its main activities.
  • The management and owners want to expand their business by acquisition.
  • The buyer has extensive own funds to finance the acquisition.

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