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Hospital software company to buy

  • Revenue: EUR 2-20 million
  • Employees: not a decisive factor
  • Location of the target: the whole of Europe (examples are Spain, Italy and France)
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is stock listed and continuously growing across Europe via acquisitions. They are open to speaking to interested sellers
  • #CFIE ITB019

Overview of the buyer for hospital software company in Europe

An international group with offices throughout Europe is continually growing and therefore, is looking for a company to acquire in order to expand its operations in the medical care industry. This large entity wants to diversify its products and services and also plans to gain new clients. For this reason, the company to buy should be an established European business specialized in providing e-health solutions that bring efficiency and safety specifically to hospitals. The company should also have a strong client network in order to help in strengthening the market position for the new entity that will emerge.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for hospital software company in Europe

The company is one of the leading software companies for the healthcare industry in Europe active in more than 20 countries. It has over 1000 employees that develop solutions for more than 200,000  users. The activity is to deliver IT applications to hospitals, rehabilitation centers and retirement homes with the goal of simplifying the provision of necessary information to users. In the hospitals, these software solutions cover the whole spectrum of applications, supporting all professional medical groups  and administration through specially designed products.
The company combines e-health know-how from different medical systems in order to obtain better products and services for healthcare entities. Mainly, we are talking about solutions for diagnostics, medical device integration, RIS (radiological information system), supply chain care, sterile supply, care for the elderly and disabled, HIS archives (hospital information system) and management of the patient rehabilitation process from admission to release. The major functions of RIS solutions are patient scheduling, resource management, examination performance tracking, examination interpretation, results distribution and creation of technical files. This is crucial to the efficient workflow of radiological practices.
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Activities and products of the hospital software target company

The buyer company is expanding its integrated healthcare network. Therefore, it is looking for a company to buy that has complementary and compatible products and services.  The wide reaching range of products and programs includes:
  • ERP solutions
  • Financial accounting & MIS: financial accounting including KPI management and flexible evaluations
  • Staff management: personnel portal, management training
  • Intranet, project management, risk management, contract management, document control
  • Archiving
  • SAP solutions
  • Material management: optimizes processes, saves costs
  • ERP solutions ensures access to all updated QM (quality management) documents all the time.
Quality Management solutions: Portal for QM, certification software, QM method integration, consulting
IT services: cloud services, data exchange, consulting.
The buyer is targeting businesses in the whole EU, but it has a special focus on countries like Spain, France, Italy or Poland. The target company should also have a turnover higher than EUR 2 million.

Highlights of the buyer for hospital software company in Europe

  • The buyer is an international provider of software solutions for the healthcare industry
  • The management is expanding the business throughout Europe and targeting experienced and well-established companies
  • Target companies should have a strong network of clients and compatible products

More information on this buyer for hospital software company in Europe

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