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  • Located: Europe
  • Revenue: 1-50 million EUR
  • Industry: food production
  • Interest in: dairy food companies
  • Reason for acquisition: This buyer is expanding its food business in European countries.
  • #CFIE FOB064

Overview of this buyer for a dairy company in Europe

This buyer is a public limited company based in India. It specializes in processing, marketing, distributing milk and milk products. This company has more than 20 years of business experience. The buyer is interested in acquiring companies to strengthen its market presence in Europe.
Thanks to their long-history family business, their brands are well-known and are leading in the Indian dairy industry. They are represented in 6 countries. This buyer’s annual revenue is >250 million EUR, the enterprise value using market cap is >450 million EUR. Their CSR activities are focused on initiatives in connection with education.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for a dairy company in Europe

This buyer is ready for investments in the food sector, especially in dairy food production and distribution. They produce dairy products, both liquid milk and by-product categories. They have 5 types of variants for the liquid milk, and 14 types of variants for by-products categories. As the company is well-known and respected in India, they are eager to see how they sell their milk products in Europe. This buyer offers a wide range of milk products:

  • fresh milk,
  • skimmed milk,
  • butter,
  • flavored milk,
  • paneer,
  • curd,
  • ice-cream.
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Activities and products of a suitable target

The buyer is currently looking at dairy companies in European countries. This Indian buyer is financially strong and stable to acquire targets with:

  • revenue between 1-50 million EUR;
  • positive EBITDA;
  • industry: food production and distribution;
  • and preferred knowledge of dairy products, dairy food production, and food distribution.

Highlights for this buyer for a dairy company in Europe

  • This public limited company is a well-known dairy products manufacturer in India and exports to over 6 countries in the world.
  • This buyer invested in its own food production and grew into a leading dairy products manufacturer during these years.
  • This buyer would like to acquire dairy companies in European countries with positive EBITDA and revenue of 1-50 million EUR.
  • The buyer is looking for stable and profitable dairy companies to expand its existing food business in Europe.

More information on this buyer for a dairy company in europe

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