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Company to buy

  • Size: Large
  • Revenue: > 50 million Euros
  • Location of the target company: Western Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: To increase the market footprint and add more products to the product portfolio, the company wants to acquire a chemical distribution business in the segment of specialty chemicals, intermediaries for pharmaceutical applications, or natural extracts
  • #CFIE CHB132

Overview of the buyer for chemical distribution business in Western Europe

The company was established more than 30 years ago and has secured a good reputation in trading primary and secondary raw materials and the acceptance of waste products, mostly for recycling. The business operates through 2 divisions: the trade department and the waste management department.

The focus point of the trade department is the marketing and distribution of chemical products, secondary raw materials, and by-and waste streams in different areas of the chemical industry. The waste management department encompasses the acceptance of waste and informing customers regarding all waste issues, recycling, and the management of waste.

It is always the aim to leverage the synergies between trade and the disposal of the various waste streams. Since its inception, the company has worked hard to expand internationally and now has branches in all lucrative as well as prominent markets.

The company employs approximately 50 people who have rich experience in the chemical trading business and can contribute towards business growth in the most efficient manner. The company’s management is also professional and is quite aggressive in securing a leading position in the business domain.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for chemical distribution business in Western Europe

In no time, the business has gained a solid presence in the chemical trading industry in Western Europe. In addition to its existing 2 business divisions, the company has started another new business unit to cater to the food and cosmetics industry. This unit provides raw materials and additives for various applications. The company is a member of several chemical trade associations in Europe and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

The company successfully assists its customers in searching for the right suppliers, purchasing technical products, identification of suitable recycling technologies, and optimization of the supply chain with the most efficient substitutes made from secondary raw materials.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The buyer is mainly engaged in trading niche chemicals focusing on primary raw materials and has, for years, successfully marketed, among other materials, distillates, by-products, and off-spec goods, which are now used as raw materials for secondary applications around the world.

Its product portfolio includes the following:

  • Paints, varnishes, adhesives: From acetone to xylol
  • Plastics: Recycled, feedstock, and additives
  • Metals: Powders, solids, etc.
  • Biofuels: Glycerin, fatty acids, etc.
  • PE waxes


  • Large company with a growth outlook
  • Young and dynamic management
  • Geographical reach
  • Global business partners
  • Innovative products with strong market penetration

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