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Company wanted

  • Size: Small
  • Revenue of the target: EUR <2 million
  • Ideal employee number of the target: 2-20 people
  • Location: Europe, preferably Italy, the Netherlands, Germany
  • Structure of transaction: The owners are looking for an acquisition or a joint venture
  • #CFIE PLB069

Overview of this buyer for a plastic compounding company

The owners of an innovative plastics company from central Europe want to acquire a small plastic compounding company in Europe, in order to take make use of its know-how. The company is interested mainly in the expertise of plastic compounding, it is preferred that the company has a team of skilled professionals with experience in compounding. Please contact us if relevant so we can get you in touch with this buyer.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for a plastic compounding company

The buyer company is an innovative company focused on the development and manufacture of antimicrobial plastics. The company already holds multiple patented technologies and is planning to use the technology in practice.

The technology used by this company is safe for use in production for food contact materials where it can prolong the shelf life of food and prevent contamination. It is also suitable for medical devices and implants to reduce the chance of infections.

This buyer company has recently executed an IPO, which is the reason that it is relatively aggressively seeking a company to acquire. Funding for the acquisition will come from either bringing more shares to the market or through a bond-loan. The company would be happy to invest as soon as possible.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The company wants to invest its funds in a small plastic compounding company with technical know-how on material science. The target company should be involved in innovative plastic compounding and development, with in-house expertise. 

The buyer is not only looking for a manufacturing company that is executing compounding orders, but rather one that is also involved in the development and fine-tuning of materials and or solutions. Manufacturers, masterbatch producers or companies that are only producing plastic parts are not interesting for the buyer.

Geographically, the buyer is ready to consider targets from any country, preferably from Western Europe, but Eastern Europe is also an option. Top locations for the buyer include Italy, Germany or the Netherlands.

The financial results of the target are not the primary focus for the buyer, although the results would certainly have an influence on the final valuation of the company in case the transaction will be realized. The ideal number of employees is 5-10, therefore small companies would be preferred. For the target, a lot of synergies would apply.

Highlights of this buyer for plastic compounding companies in Europe

  • The buyer is an innovative European plastic company with international patents in antibacterial plastics
  • The buyer is looking for small companies to acquire
  • The buyer has extensive funds for acquisitions and is ready to start the acquisition process as soon as a suitable buyer is located

Information about this buyer interested in plastic compounders for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer of plastic compounding companies in Europe. If this buyer does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other buyers of plastic companies. If you are interested in plastic companies available for sale, please visit the section plastic companies for sale.

More information on this buyer for a plastic compounding company in Europe

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