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Company to buy

  • Size: Large
  • Revenue: > 50 million EUR
  • Location of the buyer: US
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is seeking to expand its footprint across the world with Europe being the top priority on its list. The buyer is quite aggressive in its growth strategy and is looking to buy and or acquire a company in the manufacture of fragrances and or flavors
  • #CFIE CHB126

Overview of the buyer for fine fragrance manufacturers in Europe

The company was started more than three decades ago and has established a good reputation in its line of business amongst its competitors and customers. The company is engaged in manufacturing fragrances and flavors for institutional, household, and industrial products. The company has gained recognition as one of the industry leaders by becoming a member of the IFRA national association. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the US and China with major contract manufacturing tie-ups with players in different parts of Europe. Overall, the company boasts a brand name with expertise in the fragrance and flavor business, malodor management, and various patented products. The company is run by an experienced, yet young, and professional management team ensuring the best quality products and services for its customers.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for fine fragrance manufacturers in Europe

The company is on a track of continuous innovation with a platform maintaining itself while keeping up with current trends in line with the industry, lifestyle, and cultural shifts of its customers globally. The buyer is a large company from the US. Since its inception, the company has performed exceptionally well and currently distributes products to its customers worldwide. The company manages a huge range of different fragrances and flavors providing a meaningful and memorable experience to end-users.

The company has an extraordinary team of in-house experts including scientists, perfumers, technicians, etc., that contribute to the creation of market-leading fragrances and flavors for the premium brands of the world.

The buyer wants to make acquisitions in its current business vertically and further enhance its revenue and operations by gaining a presence in new locations. The buyer is looking to grow either organically, or in-organically, and hence, they are open to considering several synergistic acquisition opportunities across Europe.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The potential target should be involved in the manufacture of ingredients for flavors and fragrances or can also be an end-producer of flavors and fragrances.

The buyer manufactures fragrances and flavors for various segments ranging from B2B to B2C and some of its most popular products are air fresheners, room disinfectants, rug deodorizers, bath sprays, glass cleaners, insect repellants, all-purpose soap cleaners, oven cleaners, etc. Hence, the product portfolio of a potential target should complement the current business of the buyer.


  • The company is in a major expansion mode
  • The company is financially sound with good-sized revenue
  • A highly profitable company
  • A prominent brand in the industry
  • The buyer has the solid financial capability to make acquisitions and add value by further growing the business of the target company
  • An expert in malodor management

More information on this buyer for fine fragrance manufacturers in Europe

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