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Company to buy

  • Size: medium business
  • Revenue: > 5M EUR
  • Employees number: 30-100
  • The preferred location of the target: Greece
  • Reason for acquisition: Managers of this European cooperative company have an acquisition project in Greece and are looking for potential dairy companies that could suit them
  • #CFIE FOB059

Overview of this buyer for the dairy company in Greece

The buyer is a French-based company, oriented at collecting milk from multiple producers, processing the milk, and manufacturing dairy products like cheese, bottled milk, etc. The company has an acquisition project in Greece, therefore they are looking for a suitable dairy company in Greece.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for the dairy company in Greece

The buyer company is the leading dairy cooperative in Western Europe. The company is focused on collecting and processing cow and goat milk from the producers. The company is large, as they are able to collect, process, and sell more than 700M liters of cow milk and 105M of goat milk per year.

The product portfolio of the buyer includes mainly:

  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Fresh products
  • Cognac

The turnover of the buyer is more than 400M per year and is growing every year, with stable profitability. That is also a reason, why they want to expand further by acquisition. The company has recently started an international expansion project in Greece. The buyer has already analyzed 4 companies but is still looking for more suitable targets.

The buyer’s management has decided to have control of the 3 parts of the value chain that generate value, namely:

  • milk production
  • manufacturing
  • commercialization

The company wants to start producing for Asian markets as the management has partners in the region.

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Activities and products of the ideal dairy target

The buyer is looking for dairy companies in Greece, focused preferably on cheese, drinkable products, or bottling milk production. The ideal number of employees of the target should exceed 30, the upper limit is not as decisive.

If possible, the buyer is looking for companies with strong knowledge and abilities in product development. Export knowledge is an advantage, the best would be if the target already had some experience and knowledge of Asian markets. The buyer wants to find companies willing to produce from Greece for the Asian markets.

The amount available for acquisitions reaches 10 million EUR and depends on the attractivity of the acquisition opportunity. The company is able to finance the acquisition project out of its own cash with the help of a bank loan. The company stated that it will likely co-finance the acquisition with another Greek dairy company. The cooperation with the target after the acquisition is planned to be very close, and the management of the buyer thinks it will be beneficial for both sides.

Highlights of the buyer for the dairy company in Greece

  • The buyer is a French company oriented at dairy products manufacturing with a 400M+ turnover
  • The buyer’s management is looking to find a milk products manufacturer in Greece, as they want to serve the Asian market with the Greek production
  • The company has funds available for the acquisition of up to 10M EUR

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