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SAP consulting company to buy

  • Revenue: more than EUR 1 million
  • Employees: not a decisive factor
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is a leading SAP consulting company and wants to grow via acquisitions. They are open to speaking to interested sellers.
  • #CFIE ITB020

Overview of the buyer for SAP consulting company in Europe

The buyer is a leading SAP consulting company with more than 1000 SAP consultants. The company is an SAP gold partner and owned by one of the largest IT companies in the world. It is continually growing and wants to expand its activity in Europe by acquiring a company with complementary products and a solid portfolio of clients. The target company should be an  established European business with deep know-how of the market. A revenue of more than EUR 1 million would also be desirable.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for SAP consulting company in Europe

The company is a software solution provider using SAP technology. Not only do they develop and provide innovative solutions, but they can support clients in all activities related to SAP products from strategy to execution of a project. They also design and implement quality management systems for data integrity. The team members have an average of more than 10 years of experience in software development. Consultants with a profound technical background in SAP have the best know-how that enables them to understand a company’s key business processes and how to integrate the systems with third parties. Their approach to SAP technology means that the customer gets an efficient and high-quality implementation tailored to its needs. They are highly experienced in application services, technology solutions and managed services helping clients to find the best strategy that will lead to sustainable results such as increasing cost efficiency and obtaining high revenues.
Specific solutions for integrated information systems are for clients from various industries such as manufacturing & retail, distribution, automotive, metal fabrication, high tech, education, pharma and healthcare. Complex SAP solutions permit the workforce, suppliers, customers and assets of a company to be connected in a digital network. These solutions bring significant simplifications and innovations that make businesses operate in a smoother and simpler way. Customers can access it either on the cloud or on-premise deployments. The company also ensures consulting services in certain areas such as business, IT, quality and technology.
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Activities and products of the SAP target company

The target company should have products and services that are compatible with the buyer company such as:
  • SAP solutions development
  • Application support
  • Managed services: training models, change control mechanism, implementation approach and project management methodologies
  • Business transformation risk assessment
  • Functional upgrades
  • Template rollouts
  • Business technology transformation
  • Consulting services
Other services that might be useful are in the area of application development: in Microsoft technologies (such as SharePoint), in web and windows applications, social networking, HR applications, ERP integration programs and web portal work process applications.

Highlights of the buyer for SAP consulting company in Europe

  • The buyer is an international provider of software solutions using SAP technologies
  • The management is looking to expand the business in European markets and is targeting companies with complementary products
  • Target companies should have a strong financial position and a solid network of clients

More information on this buyer for SAP consulting company in Europe

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