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Company to buy

  • Sales: 0,5m to 10m Euro
  • Valuation range: <2m Euro
  • Location: UK, Germany or France
  • Employees: 5 to 50
  • #CFIE HCB031
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is a US-based beauty supply distributor that is growing well domestically. It is now looking in Europe to acquire further beauty supply distributors or some retail shops in the area of beauty supplies

Overview of this beauty supply distributor buyer

A US-based beauty supply distributor wants to expand out of the US and build up a similar position across Europe (the United Kingdom, France, or Germany). Now it is looking to buy a small or medium-sized beauty supply distributor in Europe. The buyer is in the beauty care distribution business and is a major player in the US. The beauty supply distributor is trying to expand the business into new geographical areas. Western Europe (UK, Germany, or France) are countries that are highest on the list as targets. The initial acquisition target budget is around 1M, but the buyer may be able to go higher if suitable opportunities are identified. The buyer is exploring acquisition opportunities for a company with beauty supply retail shops or wholesale operations.

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Strategy of this beauty supply distribution buyer

The company is active in beauty care supplies in the US. The buyer supplies a wide variety of beauty products. Currently, the products are offered at a great number of quality salons and beauty supply retailers throughout the United States and the world. The strategy is now to expand in new countries like the UK, Germany or France. Most large retail chains carry a selection of the products of the company. Many local shops have been familiar with these brands for decades. The company wants to grow the number of products for the beauty supply market. The buyer has always continued to add new products and has expanded its lines. These now include professional hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, manicure and pedicure products and many others.

Products of this beauty supply distributor buyer

The buyer is interested in buying a distributor with the following type of products:

  • Hair colors
  • Cosmetics
  • Electrical hair appliances
  • Hair chemicals
  • Nail polish and nail care
  • Professional hair dryers
  • Flat or curling irons
  • Manicure products
  • Pedicure products
  • Salon apparel products
  • Bath products
  • Beauty products
  • Electrical products
  • Salon tools
  • Sundries

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