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Company to buy

  • Size: small business
  • Revenue: 1-7M EUR
  • Asking price: <5M EUR, in some cases more
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer currently has multiple investments in similar smaller companies, they are looking for a presence in Europe
  • #CFIE HCB020

Overview of this aesthetic medical products distributor buyer

The management of a larger North American health company currently has investments in a number of aesthetic distribution companies and they are actively looking to expand. The buyer has already done direct acquisitions or partnerships with the targets. The acquisitions terms accepted by the buyer are very flexible depending on what the deal requires to get done.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer of medical distributors in Europe

This aesthetic medicine buyer is a world-renowned supplier of products in the aesthetic medicine field. The company is distributing top-quality products and newly available technologies. The company works with the top surgeries and aesthetic clinics in the world.

The company is dealing mainly with

  • Orthopedic products
  • Cosmetic Supplies
  • Aesthetic supplies

The main products, that are being delivered to cosmetics doctors worldwide including

  • Cosmetic injections
  • Dermatological creams
  • Chemical peels
  • Toxins
  • Fillers
  • Hyaluronic acids etc.

The buyer is licensed and certified by multiple health institutions with a global presence.

The buyer does not require external financing from any institution. Available funds for acquisitions are exceeding 5M EUR if it will be needed.

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Activities and products of the target distributor

The buyer is looking for a distributor or wholesaler of aesthetic “medicine” products or goods registered as pharmaceuticals. The company may be involved also in goods registered as cosmetics and medical devices that require no license to trade. Exclusive distribution rights from the main producers, for one or more countries, is a strong preference.

The buyer is willing to accept valuations of approximately 3-5x the net profit of the target. The valuation of the target will, however, depend on the level of clients of the target – whether it supplies to clinics, international clients, or just domestic companies.

The management of the buyer thinks the investment/acquisition will bring synergies to the target and they have plans to raise the profit swiftly in the years after the acquisition. The planned acquisition can start right away after finding a suitable target.

Highlights of this aesthetic medical products distributor buyer

  • The buyer is a top medical products distributor, looking for ways to expand over the world in Europe, Asia, and the USA
  • The buyer is ready to consider targets with an asking price of up to 5 million EUR
  • The buyer is ready to boost the profitability of the target after the acquisition by any means including synergies and economies of scale


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