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M&A advisors

Bulgarian M&A advisor Evgeni Kanev CFIE can help you with M&A services in Bulgaria. Our advisors are equipped with the knowledge to make a success of your M&A project. You can use us for mergers and acquisition advice as well as guidance in buying and selling companies in Bulgaria. Evgeni Kanev is team leader of the Bulgarian team. Please get in touch with us to get M&A advice for the Bulgarian market.

Buy side M&A in Bulgaria

CFIE´s M&A team for Bulgaria can help you to buy a company on the Bulgarian market. We know the legal aspects of buying a business in Bulgaria. However, the most important is to get a good understanding of buying a business in Bulgaria and how this works in practice. We can help you here. For more information go to buy a company in Bulgaria.
Should your M&A advisor know the best practices in the process of buying a business? Visit buy a business in Europe to learn about all the aspects of buying a business in general. If you want to get a feel about the costs of a business purchase read here. Alternatively, if you want to understand which type of legal documents (with downloads of examples) are involved in a business purchase please check further via the link.

Buy a business

Does a M&A advisor need to know your industry? CFIE’s offer is an advisor who knows your industry and speaks your language when buying a business. CFIE’s M&A team for Bulgaria has a large experience with selling companies to foreign buyers. Our advisors have a detailed understanding of very many industries. The core industries of CFIE are ICT, transportation and chemicals. For these industries we have separate teams. For an advisor in these industries please visit;

Sell side mergers and acquisitions

Your company is built by hard work and personal offers. For most business owners the company value is their main asset and they want to dispose of it in a professional way. The decision to sell is a difficult one that takes some time before it is finally made. CFIE can provide you with an advisor who;
  • Knows your industry and the local habits
  • Knows your language
  • Knows how a M&A deal is done
  • Knows the value of your company
Visit sell your business in Europe for all of the aspects involved in a business sale. Learn about types of buyers, legal documents and the preparation required to sell your company at a high value (some pages include interesting downloads to help you with further advice about the process of selling a company).

M&A advisory in Bulgaria

If you need a M&A advisor in Bulgaria CFIE is ready to help you. Select your preferred M&A advisor in M&A advisory Bulgaria. For an overview of all the CFIE advisors visit international M&A advisors to select the M&A consultant who is the most suited for your situation.

Bulgarian brokerage

What is a M&A advisory without businesses for sale or wanted? The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has many connections. We know the business owners who are looking for active M&A (both buy and sell side). If you want to sell your business quickly please visit businesses wanted Bulgaria as here you will find profiles of owners who possibly want to buy your company. If you want to buy an existing company we suggest to visit companies for sale in Bulgaria. If you want to get in touch with possible buyers for your company feel free to contact us. We make a profile of your company free of charge and put this online in our business for sale section.

We know about Bulgarian mergers and acquisitions

We monitor the European M&A markets on a continuous basis. We know which M&A deals are done on the Bulgarian market to deliver the best possible M&A services. We know the recent multiples and valuations in Bulgaria. Our advisors also make publications about Bulgaria and its M&A landscape. For in depth information visit M&A articles about Bulgaria to learn about the current M&A situation in Bulgaria.

M&A deals by CFIE

A CFIE advisor knows how the deal is done due to the many transactions executed in Bulgaria. In references CFIE Bulgaria you will find some examples of M&A deals done by the CFIE team. For reasons of confidentiality we cannot publish all the deals done by our team members. Feel free to contact us if you have a question about a specific M&A deal we have done. When you are interested in our services we can provide you with more references.

Information about mergers and acquisitions in Bulgaria

If you have any questions about the Bulgarian M&A situation we invite you to get in touch with us. Please choose your favourite Bulgarian M&A advisor. You can get in touch with Evgeni Kanev or Bistra Ilkova for help in the area of M&A in Bulgaria. You can contact our M&A team members in Bulgaria by filling out the contact form below.

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