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Weiss-Rohlig, a joint venture of Gebruder Weiss GmbH and Rohlig & Co. Holding GmbH & Co. KG, has acquired JHB Express, Ltd., a Japan-based air and sea freight shipping company. As a part of the transaction, Weiss-Rohlig has also acquired air cargo certifications such as the IATA and the Japanese consolidation license. The acquisition will expand Weiss-Rohlig’s presence in the Asian market and strengthen its intra-Asia traffic, especially its major trading partners in the US and Europe will benefit from the transaction.

JHB Express, Ltd. is a Japanese logistics company specialising in air and sea freight. Gebruder Weiss is an Austria-based transportation and forwarding company, while Rohlig & Co. is a Germany-based sea and air freight forwarding company.JHB Express, Ltd. is a logistics company specialising in air and sea freight. Weiss-Rohlig is a logistics provider that offers intercontinental airfreight and sea freight transport solutions.

Corporate Finance in Europe’s forwarding M&A team notices a clear interest of Austrian transportation and forwarding companies mainly in Eastern European markets. Now we see a transaction into the Japanese forwarding market.

How do you see buying and selling in the global forwarding market develop?

Which forwarding buyers do you feel will do further acquisitions in the future?

Govert Derks | Thursday 26 December 2013
There is also some Japanese logistics buyers that have acquired in Europe since then. I think the acquisition of Franco Vago from Italy.

virgil ratliff | Monday 23 January 2017 | website:
A very good news. A company acquiring another company only means that the forwarding industry is still growing strong. Thanks for this blog.

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