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How to buy a Portuguese company

The best way to buy a business in Portugal is by using a local Portuguese M&A advisor who speaks the local language and knows the Portuguese business climate. It is very important for the advisor to understand the domestic culture and business habits. So, when you are serious about buying a company in Portugal, we offer you a local M&A advisor with significant industry experience and knowledge of the M&A market who speaks the Portuguese language. We combine local market understanding with the best industry practices.

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It might be possible that one of the current companies we have in portfolio is interesting for you. Visit businesses for sale in Portugal to find out if a suited company for you is listed.

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When you buy a business in Portugal, it is very important to be aware with the local habits. We can provide you with a local M&A advisor who speaks the Portuguese language and understands the domestic economy and business. Portugal is a small European country with around 11 million inhabitants and a GDP of more than 180 Billion Euro (PPP adjusted).Strong industries in Portugal are in manufacturing and include processed food, textiles, metals and machinery. Further manufacturing industries can be found in ship repair, chemicals, wood (particularly cork), glass and building materials. Portugal has developed since a long time to a more advanced economy, but a lack of demand results in high unemployment.

Support with buying a business in Portugal

If you have plans for buying a business in Portugal, do not hesitate to contact us. The Portuguese M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you to buy a Portuguese company. For free advice about the perspectives of buying a business in Portugal get in touch now via buy a Portuguese company.

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