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Sell your company

Sell your company now. The CFIE advisor knows your industry. We have a special focus on selling ict, transportation and chemicals companies. Our M&A advisors know the process of selling a business inside out. He is familiar with the costs, preparations, legal aspects, types of buyers and other aspects concerning a sale. Do not hesitate to contact us and get more information on the sale of your company, we speak your language.

Sell your business

Let the CFIE advisor show you the best practices in selling a business

The sale of your company

sell a company

Has the complexity of your industry increased? When selling your company it is necessary to have an advisor who knows the selling process inside out. Should he be experienced? For the different aspects of the process he should have in depth knowledge. As a surplus we provide you with an advisor who knows your industry and speaks your native language. For ict, transportation and chemicals we have a special focus. Read the pages below if these concern your industry;

Process of selling a business

Selling a business is a process which will take some time. A M&A advisor should know the different steps in detail. He also has to have in depth knowledge about the steps. The process roughly consists of 7 stages. Visit process of selling a business for the stages in the selling process and a download of the timeframe of the process.

Types of buyers

To make the selling process successful it will be wise to think about which type of buyer will be interested in your company. A good advisor firstly determines which type of buyer will have the best chances of success. This will save time and money. Visit types of buyers when selling a company for an overview and details about the main types.

Legal documents in a business sale

Do you want a good price with fair conditions? The legal documents are an important aspect of a business sale. A good advisor knows these documents. He knows what is right and what is wrong. Main documents when selling a business are a NDA, LOI and SPA. Visit legal documents in a business sale for insights, information and downloads about the legal aspects of selling your business.

Preparations for selling your company

The process of selling a company will take some time. A good preparation will make the process not longer than necessary. This will prevent you wasting time and money. Contact us for an advisor who helps you with the preparation of selling your company. Visit how to prepare for a business sale? For more details and insights for a good preparation.

Sell my business fast

It might be possible that you want to sell your company as fast as possible. Next to a good preparation as described above the CFIE advisor can help you on a quick sale. Visit sell my business fast for tips and tricks to speed up the process.

Costs of a business sale in Europe

As the process of selling a business is an extensive process it will take time (time = money). A part of the costs of the process is the fee for a M&A advisor. An advisor gets paid the larger part when realizing a successful business sale. Knowing the best practices in the selling process saves precious time and money. What are the costs of wrong advice? Visit costs of a business sale in Europe for an overview of all the costs involved in a sale.

Who sells your company

Do you need a professional for selling your company? Selling a business is a routine which is not exclusively executed by a M&A advisor. Your goal will be a good price and fair conditions. Although a M&A advisor should be your preferred partner you might have other thoughts. Visit who sells your business for an overview of the different alternatives.

M&A advice on selling your company

Your company is your life. The decision to sell your company was a tough one. Contact us for help on the sale of your business. Feel free to ask for your preferred advisor or select one in international M&A advisors. If you want more information about the CFIE network download our presentation for insights on a true European M&A network.