Companies for sale in Europe

Businesses for sale

In this section a small part of our European portfolio companies are listed to give you an idea of the companies we represent. We represent companies in various industries like manufacturing, information technology, chemical, transportation, forwarding, hotels, commercial property etc.

Not all the companies we represent are listed here for reasons of confidentiality. If you have a specific request, please contact us to find out if we have a company for sale in Europe that fits your requirements.

Large Companies for sale

Businesses with revenues ranging from 10m € - 100m € and more are listed here. See our large businesses for sale

Medium Companies for sale

Companies with a value or revenue of 5m - 10m Euro are listed in medium companies for sale

Small Companies for sale

European businesses with a revenue or value from 1m until 5m € are listed here. See our small businesses for sale

Tiny Companies for sale

Tiny companies have a valuation or revenue < 1m Euro. More details in tiny businesses for sale

Companies for sale outside Europe

Overview of companies for sale outside Europe. See our companies for sale outside Europe

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Latest companies for sale

Home textiles wholesaler in Germany for sale

located: Germany
size: revenue >2M EUR

Private university in Poland for sale 

located: Poland
asking price: >10M EUR

Cable distributor in Romania for sale

located: Romania
size: Revenue:  >7M EUR  

Printer accessories manufacturer Italy for sale

located: Italy
size: Revenue >3M EUR

Remote access software company in Germany for sale 

IT or ICT business for sale
location: Germany 
Revenue: < EUR 6M

Agricultural robotic manufacturer for sale in Netherlands  

IT or ICT business for sale
location: Netherlands
Revenue: < EUR 1M

E-Commerce software company in Europe for sale

IT or ICT business for sale
located: Europe
revenue > 7M EUR 

Artificial Intelligence consulting company for sale in Europe  

IT or ICT business for sale
location: Europe
Revenue: > 1M EUR

Electric boat manufacturer looking for equity investment

located: Central Europe
size: est. >350M EUR in 4th year

API integration company in Northern Europe for sale 

located: Northern Europe
size: approx. 5M EUR revenue