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Bedrijf te koop

  • Omzet: <3 miljoen EUR
  • Locatie: Griekenland
  • Reason for sale: The owners would like to retire, and the management is looking for a buyer for 100 % of the shares
  • #CFIE FOS015

Overzicht van deze vleeshandelsonderneming in Griekenland te koop

The total meat market sector in Greece is at approximately 10 billion euros annually, with turnover between 2009 and 2016 down by one billion euros per year in terms of value. In Greece, meat and dairy are the main imported products with 29,4% and 17% respectively. This company is a meat trading company with 40 years of experience and a great reputation. It has been growing all these years with more than 10 million euros in turnover annually except for 5 years during the financial crisis when the company decided to minimize turnover. Now the turnover is at 3 million EUR per year.

Profiel (strategie) van deze vleeshandelsonderneming in Griekenland te koop

The meat trading company in Greece is specialized in the food industry, especially in meat trading and distribution. This Greek company has more than 54,000 m2 of land with 13,00 m2 of modern facilities and the latest technologies. This meat trading company also owns a 300 m2 refrigeration building and two retail shops.

The company produces and markets meat products that are all tested. The meat trading company is not working at 100% of its installed capacity. There is an opportunity to grow the business and increase profits as well. The management of the company is looking for a buyer for 100% of the shares.

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Activiteiten en producten van deze vleeshandelsonderneming in Griekenland te koop

This company is in the meat industry and has 13,000 m2 of working areas where all the processes take place including:

  • Vrieskamers
  • Meat chopping area
  • Vleesverwerking
  • Verpakking van vlees
  • Opslag
  • Laad/losperrons
  • Kantoren

In addition to the main business, the meat trading company produces its own feed for the breeding bulls they have in the barn.

Hoogtepunten van deze vleeshandel in Griekenland te koop

  • The meat trading company is specialized in the processing, marketing, and distribution of meat products
  • The company is looking for a buyer for 100% of the shares
  • The production facilities are not working at 100% of the installed capacity. There is room for improvement and revenue can be increased by maximizing profits


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