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Bedrijf gevraagd

  • Omvang: kleine tot middelgrote ondernemingen
  • Inkomsten: 2-20M EUR
  • Location of the fire extinguisher manufacturer wanted: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer has plans for expanding its manufacturing capabilities in other countries of Europe
  • #CFIE MAB144

Overview of this fire extinguisher manufacturer buyer

A fire extinguisher manufacturer from Germany has decided to acquire a small to medium similar-oriented manufacturing company. The buyer is a German company with a strong presence in its region. Contact us to get more details and identification of the buyer company.

Profile (strategy) of this fire extinguisher manufacturer buyer 

The buyer company has more than 20 years history and is based in Western Germany. The buyer exclusively sells products of its own brand. The focus of the buyer is in the field of: 

  • fire extinguishers
  • maintenance of fire extinguishers
  • testing and filling of extinguishers
  • accessories for fire extinguishers 
  • smoke detectors and their assembly
  • signs and their installation
  • fire blankets
  • first aid material 
  • wall hydrants and accessories

The buyer currently has 20 permanent employees. The buyer company is very well-established and manage currently serve more tens of thousands of customers in Germany and abroad. 

The buyer has customers like cities and municipalities, large but also medium and small-sized businesses. The products of the main focus of the company are fire extinguishers of following types:

  • Powder
  • Schuim
  • Grease
  • Water
  • Carbon dioxide

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Activities and products of this fire extinguisher manufacturing company target

The buyer company is looking for an existing, well-established business operating in fire extinguisher business. The existing business should have stable revenues and recognizable market position. The buyer is looking preferably a manufacturer, but distributors or wholesalers will also be considered by the management of the buyer.

The financial situation of the buyer is strong enough to be capable of an acquisition right after a suited buyer occurs. The target will be able to benefit from the buyer’s sales network, customers, and branding in Germany. The target would gain access to German customers, which is usually very hard for companies on their own.

Highlights of this fire manufacturer buyer

  • The buyer is a manufacturer of fire extinguishers with its own product brand
  • The target would be partnered with strong German brand and would gain access to customers in Western Europe
  • The buyer company is willing to consider any option of a company for sale in fire extinguishing business

Information of this fire extinguisher manufacturer wanted

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this animal fire extinguisher manufacturer company wanted in Europe or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers of manufacturing companies please visit the section productiebedrijven gevraagd. Voor productiebedrijven te koop bezoek de sectie productiebedrijven te koop.

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