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Azienda da comprare

  • Size: Medium-sized businesses
  • Entrate: 5 - 50 milioni di EUR
  • Acquisition price interval: 5 – 12 million EUR
  • L'ubicazione preferita dell'obiettivo: Qualsiasi paese in Europa
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer is following a growth plan in continental Europe, therefore they are looking for potential distribution targets with a good track record and client portfolio
  •  #CFIE CHB123

Overview of this buyer for a chemical distribution company

This UK-based chemical company is looking to purchase a chemical distributor within Europe. The company has dedicated an acquisition budget of up to 12 million euros. The company is looking for an established distributor of raw chemical materials serving the European market. The target company should have experience in the market for more than 5 years, and ideally, be one of the leading companies in its region.

Profilo (strategia) di questo acquirente di società di distribuzione chimica

This buyer is a chemical group with over 200 year history in the industry. The buyer company specializes in supplying specialty chemicals to the rubber, plastic, coating, and adhesive markets. The company is based in the UK, but it has a network covering 30+ countries, which enables it to operate on a global level.

The company is a producer and distributor of a wide range of chemical products for the rubber, plastic, powder coating and shipping industries, including adhesives, sealants, hydroxides, elastomers, desiccants, etc.

L'acquirente vuole continuare a espandersi in nuove località e industrie, il che migliorerebbe la sua crescita delle entrate e la sua portata sul mercato.

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Attività e prodotti dell'acquisto ideale

The buyer wants to expand in the chemical distribution industry, and have another base in continental Europe. The target company should have a positive growth outlook and opportunities in new businesses. If the company had direct access to major customers, it could be of great value to the buyer.

Financially, the target should generate at least 5 million euros in revenue and have positive EBITDA levels. The target company orientation should complement the buyer – ideally specialized on industries such as:

  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Plastics and nylons
  • Rubber and elastomers
  • Cargo moisture control

The target can be from any country in Europe. The target should be a well-established company with its own management in place and should have a good track record.

Highlights of this chemical buyer

  • This buyer has 200 years of experience in chemical production
  • The buyer wants to expand in Europe by acquisitions
  • The buyer has up to 12 million euros ready for an acquisition

Ulteriori informazioni su questa buyer for a chemical distribution company in europe

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