How to sell a software company in the United Kingdom

The sale of an UK software company

Sell a business in the United Kingdom Our M&A advisors have a long track record in UK business sales. We are backed by an European team of software M&A experts. Our software M&A advisors are helping UK software business owners in business sales. We look for domestic but also for European software buyers via the network of Corporate Finance in Europe. Within Europe there are software buyers with large funds and willing to pay interesting multiples for your business as they are interested to enter the UK market.

Sell your software company

Keith gives you advice on selling your software company

There are around 100,000 independent UK software companies. Large international companies, including Microsoft, IBM and HP, provide funding for research and development (R&D). However, the majority of software companies in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland or Wales) is mostly relatively small. The average number of employees in an UK software company is still below 10 employees. Most software companies develop software for a large array of applications. Some areas where software is being used are growing fast: mobile computing, social media and cloud computing. These companies can be interesting for buyers as well if they have specific software knowledge.

M&A advisor Keith Elliott Our main focus is to help medium size and larger software firms for sale that are looking for international buyers.

The best way of selling an UK software company is making use of a M&A advisor who knows the local habits, has a background in software and has access to a network of European and international software buyers. Our M&A advisors have good contacts to possible international software buyers for your company and know the local business habits. Keith Elliot is our software M&A expert in the UK. To see more about Keith’s experience in software business sales please go to the profile of Keith Elliot.

How to sell a software business in the United Kingdom

Should a M&A advisor know your business and the software industry you operate in?Teamwork is the core competence of the CFIE M&A network, we combine local presence with in depth industry knowledge. When we help software clients in selling their business we always have a local person on the ground working together with European software M&A experts. While being active in software we see international software buyers focus on specific areas where software can be applied. Some areas where buyers are looking with a high interest for software businesses for sale are:

  • Software development
  • Mobile device market
  • Cloud computing
  • Data centres
  • Cyber security

When you sell your business it is necessary that a M&A advisor understands your business and the software market in depth. If you want to read more about selling a software company in general please go to sell a software business.

Type of buyers for your software business

Who could be a suited buyer for your software business?At Corporate Finance in Europe we focus on both domestic as well as international strategic software buyers. We try to find the buyer that can and wants to pay the highest value for your company. Having a background in software helps to find the company that can realize most synergies and has most funds available for acquisitions. If you want to achieve the highest sales price in many cases international buyers are the ideal solution. There are a lot of software buyers that want to repeat the same business that they do in other countries in the United Kingdom.Sometimes your software company is too small to be sold to an international buyer. In this case a MBI (a business sale to an individual from outside the company) might be a solution. If your software business has large recurring revenues the interest of domestic buyers will also be high. Our UK M&A advisors can help you with a domestic business sale of your software company.

The process of how to sell a company in general

The process of selling a software company differs quite a bit from selling a business in a standard industry. The main difference lies in the technical and industry related software part. You can learn a lot from the information on how to sell a company. In our daily work of global business sales, cross border aspects are important. If you want to read more about the various steps of selling a company please go to the process of selling a business.

When selling a software business

Timing is important before you start selling a business in the United Kingdom. You will need to prepare your company a long time before you start the actual process of the sale of your business. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with selling your software company in the UK (England, Scotland or Wales). We give you free advice if the time to sell is right for you. If you plan a sale of your UK business don´t hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with Keith Elliot to learn more about the possibilities to sell your UK software company.GET IN CONTACT WITH Mr Keith Elliot and get 30 minutes of free advice on mergers and acquisitions in the United Kingdom