Sell a building materials business in the United Kingdom

The sale of an UK building materials company

Our M&A advisors have a long track record in UK business sales. We are backed by an European team of M&A experts. Our M&A advisors are helping UK building materials business owners in business sales. Each team member brings a large experience (an average of 25 years plus) of hands-on experience in building materials and related industries. The career of most of our advisors covered both operational and strategic functions and direct experience in many building materials and products. The building materials and construction sector has always seen a fair share of mergers and acquisitions activity. M&A is part of the business life of in the building materials industry. Each buyer in an M&A transaction seeks to create value which can only be achieved if realisable synergies exist. Our advisors in the building materials industry are well positioned to identify synergies thus increasing the potential value of a deal. We can identify both revenue and cost synergies based on our background in the buildings materials. Due to our background we believe that no other advisor can uncover synergies in the sector like our people can.

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How to sell a building materials business in the United Kingdom

Should a M&A advisor know the building materials industry you operate in?While being active in building materials we see many domestic as well as international building materials buyers being interested in the UK market. Our M&A team keeps up with the developments in the building materials industry in the UK. This understanding of the building materials market ranges from all areas like cement, building systems and materials to services, fittings and other mainly electrical items. We are happy to discuss the developments in the buildings materials industry further with you in a personal conversation.

Type of buyers for your building materials business

Who could be a suited buyer for your building materials business?At Corporate Finance in Europe we focus on both domestic as well as international strategic building materials buyers. We try to find the buyer that can and wants to pay the highest value for your company. Having a background in building materials helps to find the company that can realize most synergies and has most funds available for acquisitions. If you want to achieve the highest sales price in many cases international buyers are the ideal solution. Obviously we are also in touch with local companies that operate in the area of building materials. Some of these companies can be possible buyers for your company. Please find a concise overview of companies in the UK building material industry that could be potential buyers for your business for sale:

  • Aggregate Industries
  • Amalgamated Roadstone Corporation
  • BPB plc
  • Everest
  • Gibbs and Canning Limited
  • Hanson Cement
  • Ketton Cement Works
  • The London Brick Company
  • Pilkington
  • Redland plc
  • Tarmac Group

Together, we need to determine which buyer is really suited for your specific building materials company. We will need to examine each individual buyer based on its strategy and possible synergy aspects to see if it can be the right partner for your business.

The process of how to sell a company in general

The process of selling a building materials company has a lot of aspects that are similar to other industries. The main difference lies of course in the technical and industry related building materials part. However, you can still learn a lot from the available information on how to sell a company in general. If you want to read more about the various steps of selling a company please go to the process of selling a business.

When selling a building materials business

It is important to plan your time schedule before you start selling a business in the United Kingdom. You will need to prepare your company a long time before you start the actual process of the sale of your business. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with selling your building materials company in the UK (England, Scotland or Wales). We give you advice if the time to sell is right for you. If you plan a sale of your UK building material related business don´t hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities to sell your UK building materials company. GET IN CONTACT WITH us and get 30 minutes of free advice on mergers and acquisitions related to building materials in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in Europe.