M&A in Turkey's freight forwarding industry

M&A key industry

One of the key industries set for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in an otherwise slow global market is Turkey's freight forwarding industry.

What is freight forwarding?

A freight forwarder (often just forwarder) is a third-party logistics provider. As a third-party (or non asset-based) provider a forwarder dispatches shipments via asset based carriers and books or otherwise arranges space for those shipments. Carrier types include waterborne vessels, airplanes, trucks or railroads. The difference between a forwarding company and a transportation company is thus the possession of owned assets, which a freight forwarder does not itself possess.

M&A opportunities in the freight forwarding industry

Globally the freight forwarding industry is huge and growing at a fast pace and in Turkey, it is ripe for consolidation. Freight forwarding in Turkey is a highly fragmented space with a large number of small players, numerous one-man operations and other small professional companies that on their own, have been operating decently until now, but are finding it harder and harder to compete in an industry that is becoming increasingly globalized.

The future of freight forwarding

"Clients are asking for more and more services from their freight providers," says an expert on the Turkish freight forwarding sector. "If freight forwarders want to be competitive, they need to tie up with others in order to be able to offer diversified services and reach the far corners of the world."

The takeover of small freight forwarders

In Turkey, many freight forwarders only offer one kind of service and can service only a few clients. Freight forwarding is an easy space to get into and set up shop in Turkey, the expert says, but the only way that many of these small companies that have mushroomed in recent times will be able to survive and remain competitive is to look for large buyers to take them over.

M&A buying in the logistics and transportation industry

For large players in the freight forwarding space, then, Turkey is the place to go. Bigger companies in the logistics and transportation industry are very active in M&A buying activity, especially when it concerns a freight forwarding company. However, a buyer also needs to get assurance that each purchase it makes adds value to the company, and the integration of a company that's selling out needs to be executed thoroughly until the last detail, in order to benefit from the strategic advantages the selling forwarding company is offering. The large number of specialized players in Turkey will ensure that any large buyer will able to enhance its business offerings to remain at the cutting edge of the continued globalization of this industry, and provide its customers in different parts of the world the kinds of services they are looking for.

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