Selling your forwarding company

Sell your forwarding business

Selling a freight forwarding company is a once in a lifetime experience that requires detailed planning and experience with previous deals in the forwarding industry. It is crucial to have the latest info on current buyers in the markets, the type of forwarders (air, sea or road) these companies look for and the valuations these companies pay. The CFIE M&A people have this knowledge as we work constantly on the sale of forwarding businesses. We track the deals done in the forwarding and transportation market. If you are interested in an overview of forwarding and transportation deals in the European market please follow this link Recent M&A deals.

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When selling a company

You need to determine if you want to stay after you have sold your forwarding company or not. Mostly the owner doesn’t want to stay after the sale as that is often exactly the reason why he or she is selling its forwarding company. However, you need to be aware that for these business owners, certain type of forwarding buyers are not suited. Smaller buyers with limited local activity often don’t have local management and hence need to find replacing management. These buyers are not suited if you want to leave the company as they need a business owner to stay and grow the company further. If they need to find a new manager this is more risky and hence might hurt valuations this buyer is prepared to pay. We know which forwarding buyers are looking for management to stay or prefer a forwarding company without management. Without a managing director cost saving synergies can be realized and the profitability of the acquired forwarding company can be improved.

M&A advice in forwarding

The business sale of a forwarding company is a critical project as it is a people’s business that consists of contacts and excellent customer service. Hence, it is important that you, as the seller, have transferred these contacts to your employees so customer contacts stay within the company after you leave. When you leave as little as possible should depend on your personal relation as this improves the value for a forwarding buyer. A freight forwarding company is asset light so you normally receive quite some goodwill especially when a forwarding company is very successful and highly profitable. Hence, it is important to know what current valuations are and what the sales price is you can achieve for your company. This is what the European forwarding M&A team of CFIE can help you with.

Companies for sale in transportation and logistics

If your plans for selling your business are serious you can be listed in the companies for sale in transportation section. We make a concise and anonymous profile that will be approved by you before we post this. Contact us to get your company listed. It might be possible that your company is on our wanted list as we know a large number of buyers for forwarding companies. Find out which buyers we are in touch with in business brokers transportation.

Business brokers in Logistics

The team of Corporate Finance in Europe has large experience in logistics and has a team on the ground to help with business sales and purchases in logistics and 3 and 4PL. Our people have each decades of logistics experience themselves and are able to help with buying and selling logistics companies.

Information on selling a freight forwarder

Feel free to contact us for information about buying a business in freight forwarding. We know your industry and speak your language. We know the business buyers that are considering buying a forwarding business and the ones that are already actively on the market looking for forwarding companies to buy. The advisors of CFIE are there to help you to get the deal done when selling a forwarding or logistics company.