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Articles about M&A in transportation and logistics. Our M&A advisors are monitoring the M&A developments concerning transportation, logistics and freight forwarding on a daily basis. Area´s of special interest are road freight, forwarding but also rail-, marine- and air freight. If you have any comment or question feel free to respond on the article.

What is a forwarding company worth?

In this article we want to give you some insights in the valuations of forwarding companies. This is the content of the article:

  • Developments in the global forwarding industry
  • Value and price expectations of business owners in the forwarding market
  • How to value a company in general
  • What determines the price of a forwarding company
  • Detailed description of items that have an effect on price
  • Valuation multiples we see in the forwarding market

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M&A deal by Austrian freight forwarder

Weiss-Rohlig, a joint venture of Gebruder Weiss GmbH and Rohlig & Co. Holding GmbH & Co. KG, has acquired JHB Express, Ltd., a Japan-based air and sea freight shipping company. As a part of the transaction, Weiss-Rohlig has also acquired air cargo certifications such as the IATA and the Japanese consolidation license. The acquisition will expand Weiss-Rohlig’s presence.........

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France logistics acquirer buys a China-based freight forwarding company

At the end of 2011 Groupe Norbert Dentressangle, a France-based logistics services company, has acquired APC Beijing International, a China-based freight forwarding company. The acquisition strengthens Norbert's network in China and enhances Norbert’s service offering in airfreight forwarding. Getting access to the Chinese freight forwarding market is becoming more and.....

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M&A road & rail transportation in Italy

M&A in the Italian transportation and forwarding market will continue to occur. If one looks at the changing patterns in the fashion industry which is very important for Italy it is clear that the transportation and forwarding market will adapt to this. M&A is an alternative for larger buyers to improve its position an create synergies. In 2011 the Italian road & rail transportation market grew by 6.5% to reach a value of $60 billion. The industry is forecast to have a value of $85 billion in 2016, an increase of 42.3% since 2011. Rail freight is a small segment.......

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Acquisition of Italian pharmaceutical logistics company by UPS

At the end of last year UPS (United Parcel Service Inc), an US-based package delivery company, has entered into an agreement to acquire Pieffe Group, an Italy-based pharma logistics company. The acquisition allows United Parcel Service to support its ongoing global healthcare strategy. The cosmetics as well as the fashion industry represent large .......

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M&A in the transportation market in Spain

We do expect quite some consolidation and hence M&A activity to see in the Spanish transportation market over the next years. Being able to deliver road transportation at low prices is crucial and hence scale (and cheap financing possibilities) is an important driver to compete. In 2011 the Spanish road and rail market reached a value of $34 billion. In 2016 the rail & road industry is forecast to have a value of $52 billion, an increase of 53% since 2011. Road freight is accounting for 99% of the transportation market value. The market in Spain accounts for.......

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Acquisition of ocean freight forwarding companies

Last year Kerry Logistics acquired two Freight Forwarding Companies in the UK. Kerry Logistics Network Limited, a Hong-Kong based provider of freight and logistics services, has acquired Bergen Freight Forwarding Limited, a UK-based sea freight forwarding company. Bergen Freight Forwarding Limited is a freight forwarding company specializing in sea freight imports from India. Ocean freight from India is expected to increase significantly so the freight forwarding companies involved........

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