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m&a advisor Winfried Weigel Switzerland is a country at the heart of Europe with four national languages and even more geographic and economic regions with different characteristics of people and business. M&A is at the same time a very local and a global business. As domestic markets with just seven million inhabitants most limited Swiss companies tend to be very international even at young age or small size. In order to do a successful transaction you need to have both, local operations and a global network. CFIE stands for high quality M&A (mergers and acquisitions) advice. For sell side M&A clients there are local Swiss speaking advisors available with strong industry skills. Winfried Weigel and Osama Rifai are the CFIE team members of our Swiss M&A team. If you have questions about M&A in Switzerland they are the people who can help you out. M&A advisor Osama Rifai
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Sell Side Mergers and Acquisitions in Switzerland

Cross border M&A can help to get the best price with the sale of your business. Cross border M&A is not only suited for large multinationals but also for smaller companies with sales from 5m euro and more. When selling a Swiss company support from a local Swiss advisor is important. We can help you to learn more about how to sell a Swiss business to foreign buyers. CFIE always combines a local Swiss M&A advisor with our European industry experts so we can bring you the best international buyers for your business. For more info about sell side M&A (mergers and acquisitions) in Switzerland and the sale of your business follow sell a business in Switzerland.

Buy Side M&A in Switzerland

Buying a company in a foreign market and jurisdiction always requires an intimate knowledge of the local rules, in any country. The ultimate features of a presence in Switzerland are very attractive corporate tax rules, in particular for international holding companies, a very stable political system, zero corruption and a highly motivated and well qualified labour force. When buying a company in Switzerland it is a large advantage to have a local M&A advisor who knows Switzerland inside out. CFIE always has M&A advisors on the ground that know the local habits. Hence, we can help you in the best way to buy a business in Switzerland. For more information about buying a business in Switzerland please follow buy a Swiss company.

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Are you interested in our M&A advisory’s portfolio? In business brokers Switzerland some of our buy side mandates are listed. Please check this list from below to see which businesses are currently wanted in Switzerland: Businesses brokers in Switzerland

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Winfried Weigel is an old member of the CORPORATE FINANCE IN EUROPE Team. With almost twenty years of Swiss M&A experience, thereof more than ten years as a M&A Boutique, we can help you in any corporate transaction, be it for small to medium-sized private companies or for very large public firms. Find more details on the team of Swiss M&A advisors. One of the members in this high calibre international team is M&A advisor Winfried Weigel.

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Our typical deal size is between 10 and 150 million Swiss Francs. There are few markets with a higher activity of cross border M&A transactions (in terms of number and in terms of size) than in Switzerland. Key markets are the major bordering countries (Germany, France, Italy and Austria) as well as the US and China. Most of our deals are cross-border. Please check our mergers & acquisitions advisory track record. Watch our M&A deals done in Cfie references in Switzerland
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