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How to buy a Swiss company?

Buy a business in Switzerland The best way to purchase a business in Switzerland is done by using an experienced Swiss M&A advisor. It is important to know about the local business culture and the local habits. When doing business in Switzerland it is crucial to have an advisor with a track record in M&A. The strength of the people at Corporate Finance in Europe is the combination of in depth knowledge of our core industries combined with local presence and access to high quality M&A targets. In this section we tell you about the crucial aspects of buying a business in Switzerland.

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For more information about our core industries follow:

It might be possible that one of the current companies we have in portfolio is of interest to you. Please reach out to us to see which companies you can currently buy in Switzerland.

Buy a business in Switzerland

Should a M&A advisor know about local habits? Do you need an advisor who speaks the official Swiss languages? Do you need a M&A advisor who knows the local habits? Buying a Swiss business is a job for M&A advisors who know the country and its business habits.

In Switzerland we have a specific focus on the following industries:

Our M&A network has a further focus on finance and banking, the watch & luxury, food and the machine industry. If you want to buy a business in one of these industries it is wise to get in contact.Our M&A associate members are active in M&A related services like taxes, legal services, due diligence and valuations to get to a successful deal.

Legal aspects in M&A when buying a Swiss company

Should an advisor be informed about the legal side of M&A? Legal aspects are very important when buying a business. Your M&A advisor needs to master the legal framework that applies to M&A transactions in Switzerland. Important legal matters when you buy a company in Switzerland are having control of the company. You always need to be able to fully control your company and be in a position to take decisions if necessary. CFIE has an excellent understanding of the legal environment regarding M&A projects in Switzerland. We have a direct cooperation with legal advisors for relevant M&A related legal issues.

Buy & build strategy

For a buy and build strategy there are many opportunities in Switzerland. Within the CFIE team of M&A advisors various people are experienced in executing a buy and build strategy. There a large number of add-on targets available in Switzerland. For more general information on executing a buy and build please go to buy and build strategy.

Support with buying a business in Switzerland

m&a advisor Winfried Weigel M&A advisor Osama Rifai

If you have plans for buying a business in Switzerland please get in touch. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you out on the purchase of a Swiss company. Our experienced Swiss M&A advisors can help you with your plans of buying a company in Switzerland. For advice about the best way of buying a business in Switzerland get in touch now.

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