How to buy a software company in Switzerland?

The software market in Switzerland

The software market in Switzerland is large and many acquisition opportunities exist. Software is heavily incorporated in many industries in Switzerland and the country provides a good climate for software firms to flourish. The majority of the independent Swiss software companies are small and of less interest to international buyers. Given there is more than an estimated 10,000 software and ICT related firms in Switzerland there is a lot of companies to choose from. Many of the software employees work in the fields of software development and consultancy. The independent Swiss software sector largely focuses on the implementation of standard foreign software which provides opportunities for foreign firms to do acquisitions and buy similar software implementation companies.

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The type of software companies for sale in Switzerland

The software landscape is very diverse in Switzerland and many different type of software companies can be found. Our Swiss M&A team is ready to help you find suited software companies that fit the profile of your firm. We see many different type of software and ICT companies. Here is an overview of the type of firms we come across:

  • IT service providers
  • Software development
  • Software integration and implementation
  • Software consultancy
  • Computer and software trade
  • Application software

Why to buy a software company in Switzerland?

There are many reasons why to buy a software company in Switzerland. Switzerland has a strong economy and high available income per inhabitant. We also see software companies have higher than average profits compared to other European countries. The country has a good skilled workforce and the education is of a high quality. There is also a lot of software firms that have industry specific knowledge due to the many strong industries that exits in Switzerland like pharma, financial services and biotech. Buying a Swiss software business can also be a way to enter the German speaking market if you don’t have a presence here yet. All these reasons make Switzerland a very attractive country for software acquisitions.

Overview of the larger software companies in Switzerland

Software companies are in a large supply in Switzerland. Here an overview of some of the software companies that are sometimes buyers of smal and mid sized software players in Switzerland:

  • BOARD International
  • Day Software
  • Digital Capital Corporation
  • Golden Frog
  • High-Tech Bridge
  • ID Quantique
  • Langmeier Backup
  • Macrofocus
  • Parm AG
  • SoftwareONE
  • Starmind International
  • Temenos Group
  • Veeam Software
  • Whitestein Technologies

How to buy a company in general?

If you want to buy a software company it is good to understand the buying process in general. The process of buying a company is described in more detail on our website. There is the technical part as well as the human side of a business purchase. A seller need to see the synergies of a sale to your organisation. With European business sales cross border aspects are of importance. If you want to read more about the actual steps when buying a company please go to the process of buying a business.

Software in different industries in Switzerland

Software is firmly embedded in many important industries in Switzerland. Some of these industries include telecommunications, pharma, banking and finance. The software industry in Switzerland has developed deep expertise in these industries. For many different industries specific applications have been developed. Here we show a few of the industries where Swiss software firms have good inroads:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Vehicle bodybuilding
  • Power and water supply
  • Construction industry
  • Trading
  • Banking
  • Pharma
  • Telecommunications

Buying a software company in Europe

We have people with a software background living across many countries in Europe. We have software M&A experts in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. Here you can read a bit more about buying a software company in general or in Europe. You can also download our M&A in IT presentation if you want to know more about our European ICT and software team.

Buying a software company in Switzerland

We have people with strong skills on how to acquire a company in Switzerland. Our people have a software background. Once you have read more on how to buy a business in general we get to the main item on how to buy a software company in Switzerland. That is the understanding of the software industry in Switzerland. Our people are close to the software companies that exist in Switzerland and know the landscape and the valuations. Please get in touch with Winfried Weigel or Osama Rifai if you want to know more about how to acquire a software company in Switzerland. They can tell you about the opportunities that exist to buy a software company in Switzerland. To get feedback regarding a business purchase of a software company in Europe please get in touch with us.