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The sale of a Spanish information technology company

Sell your Spanish business Our M&A advisors help owners of information technology (ICT) companies in Spain in a business sale. Our main focus is to help medium size and larger information technology (ICT) firms in Spain with a sale to international buyers. Near shore services are still of importance for the Spanish speaking global market as well as for other Western European countries. On the one hand we see cheaper ICT near shoring countries like Serbia come up which might reduce the size of the Spanish near shoring information technology market. On the other hand, as the Latin American economies grow quickly the impact from this growth on the Spanish ICT (near shoring market) will be positive. The question is how both of these trends will develop. Spanish ICT companies are making progress and are currently leaders in the following parts or applications of the ICT industry:

  • Security and antivirus systems
  • Electronic administration (signatures)
  • Electronic health (e-Health)
  • Online banking services
  • Electronic solutions for infrastructures (traffic and aviation)
  • Control systems (for energy distribution networks)
  • Parking meter solutions
  • Border surveillance
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The Spanish information technology industry benefits from proprietary technology and offers turn-key solutions to many other sectors of the Spanish economy. Some parts of the Spanish information technology landscape are known for being extremely innovative and highly specialized. The ICT sector in Spain has a large group of solid and competitive companies that are well positioned internationally, and are leading in their activity areas. The association of information technology and communications companies in Spain sees mostly an increasing activity in the ICT industry.

How to sell an information technology (ICT) business in Spain

Should a M&A advisor know about the information technology (ICT) industry?Teamwork and industry knowledge is important for the CFIE M&A network. We combine local presence in Spain with in depth knowledge of the information technology industry. When we help information technology (ICT) clients in selling their company we always have a local ICT M&A specialist working together with other European information technology (ICT) M&A advisors. When you sell your business it is important that a M&A advisor understands your business and the local Spanish information technology (ICT) market. If you want to read more about selling an information technology (ICT) company please go to sell an information technology (ICT) business.

Type of buyers for your information technology (ICT) business

Who is the best buyer for your information technology (ICT) business?At Corporate Finance in Europe we focus mostly on international strategic information technology (ICT) buyers. We try to find the buyer that has the highest appetite for acquisitions in Spain and that can realize most synergies with your company. Normally these buyers also pay the highest value for your company. Very often we know already which international buyers are active in the Spanish ICT market. Having a background in information technology (ICT) helps us to find the most suited buyers. There are many information technology (ICT) buyers that want establish a presence in Spain. Our Spanish M&A advisors can support you with a business sale of your information technology (ICT) company.

The process of selling an information technology company

The process of selling an information technology (ICT) company is comparable to selling a business in other industries. Some differences lie in the industry related information technology (ICT) part. You can learn from the information we have available on how to sell a company. In our M&A transactions of global business sales, cross border aspects are important. If you want to read more about the different steps when selling your ICT company please go to the process of selling a business.

When selling an information technology (ICT) business

Preparation is important before you start selling your information technology (ICT) business in Spain. You will need to prepare your company well before you start the actual process of the sale of your information technology (ICT) business. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with selling your information technology (ICT) company in Spain. We give you advice on how to approach the process of your business sale. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities to sell your Spanish information technology (ICT) company.GET IN CONTACT WITH us and get 30 minutes of free advice on mergers and acquisitions in the information technology (ICT) industry in Spain