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The software market in Spain

Buy a Spanish businessThe software market in Spain is growing well and is developing new advanced applications in a few industries like education, legal and security. The software market in Spain is of a medium size compared to other European software markets (similar to Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden). The software market in Spain consists of application software, operating systems, network and database management and other systems software. Application software comprises general business productivity and vertical market applications. The Spanish software market has total revenues of over 4.0bn Euro. The cross-industry and vertical application segment and the general business productivity segment are the software parts that have the large share of the total software market. The Spanish CRM software market also shows growth as well as the IT software outsourcing market.

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As said Spain represents a medium-sized software and IT services market in Europe. Quite some Spanish companies in the software and ICT sector are currently outsourcing. The main industries in Spain using software are the financial, the public and the industrial sector. The educational and healthcare sector show high growth and also represent an important share. The Spanish Software as a Service (SaaS) market is still of a small size, but Spanish companies are starting to increasingly using this kind of service. The Spanish business software application market consists of ERP software, CRM software, Business Intelligence (BI) software and other business applications.

Type of software companies to buy in Spain

The software landscape is less mature in Spain but still many acquisition opportunities can be found. We see many different type of software and ICT companies that can be acquired. Here is an overview of the type of software firms we see in Spain:

  • ERP software development
  • Software implementation
  • Software consultancy
  • CRM software
  • Software security
  • Application software

Why to buy a software company in Spain?

There are many reasons why to buy a software company in Spain. The Spanish economy is of a large size. Spanish software firms can open the door to the interesting and fast growing Latin American software market. Buying a Spanish software firm can act as a bridge for these new markets. Near shore development out of Spain (or for the Spanish speaking countries) is something that we see quite some software companies do. All these reasons make Spain a very attractive country for software acquisitions.