Sell your Slovenian business

How to sell your business in Slovenia

We help you in the sale of your company in Slovenia. Corporate Finance in Europe helps Slovenian business owners of middle sized businesses (valuation of 1-50M Euro) in the sale to European or other international buyers. Our M&A advisors across Europe have access to a large number of buyers that are interested to buy your company in Slovenia. We help you in the full process of selling your company to the most suited buyer. It is important to get in touch with us early so we can help you to increase the value of your company. We can also help you to prepare well before the sale of your company. Please read here if you are interested to learn more about the different items involved in a business sale. Here you will find further information on the sale of a business.Corporate Finance in Europe’s team provides M&A services in Slovenia. When selling your Slovenian business knowing the market trends and leading international buyers is essential. We guide you in the full process of selling your company in Slovenia.

Sell my Slovenian company

Request for support in the sale of a company in Slovenia

The sale of a company in specific industries

Do you need an advisor which knows your industry inside out to help you with selling your Slovenian company? Sell side M&A in specific industries is a profession for M&A advisors with in depth knowledge of their industries. Corporate Finance in Europe’s team provides M&A services through long practical experience in your industry. CFIE has separate M&A teams or individuals for her industries. This way we are aware of relevant M&A developments and the current M&A landscape in your industry of choice.

We can also help you to sell your company in other industries in Slovenia. Please reach out to us so we can discuss your plans of a business sale. We can also see how we can help you in the process of the sale of your company.

Reasons for selling your business in Slovenia

There can be various reasons why you want to sell your company in Slovenia. Selling your Slovenian company can be driven by the need for a strategic partner, a retirement or the desire to continue with other activities. The ongoing development of the European market can be a trigger to find a strategic partner via a business sale. Hence, it might very well make sense to think about a merger or sale of your Slovenian company to a strategic partner. Get in touch with Corporate Finance in Europe at the right moment in order to find the most suited strategic partner and get the best price for your business in Slovenia.

Highlights CFIE when selling your Slovenian company

  • Knowledge of your industry
  • Large experience in the Slovenian market
  • Contacts to European buyers
  • Experience with all parts of the selling process
  • Speak your local language

Request the Corporate Finance in Europe M&A presentation to find out how we can help you with the sale of your company in Slovenia.

Process of selling a business

Is it necessary to know the best practices in the process of selling a business in Slovenia? As an European M&A network our advisors also know the legal and tax aspects related to the sale of a business. Next to our M&A support we can offer associate services during the process of a business sale. Examples of these services are valuations, due diligence, legal and tax regulations. Read more on the page process of selling your business.

Advice on Slovenian M&A

The Slovenian CFIE M&A advisors will assist you with the sale of your company. Discuss your plans with a team of professionals or select your preferred Slovenian M&A consultant in our list of Slovenian M&A advisors. You can choose between a business sales advisor that is located close to you or someone who has the right industry experience.

Companies for sale in Slovenia

If your plans for selling your business are serious and you want to get in touch with possible buyers for your business you can list your Slovenian company in the Slovenian companies for sale section. Contact us to get your company listed in this section so you can get in touch with possible buyers.

Information on the sale of your business in Slovenia

Please get in contact with us if you have plans to sell your Slovenian company. Ask for the references in selling companies for our Slovenian clients. CFIE helps you in the sale of your company and our advisors speak your native (Slovenian) language.