Sell a business fast

How to sell a business quickly?

Sell my business fast

The normal sales process we handle takes time. We perform a well thought out preparation process before we start to sell your company. The ideal scenario to sell your company involves preparation that starts very early. On this page, we focus on a fast business sale, if that is what you require. First, we take a step back and start looking at the reasons why you want to sell so fast. We need to understand the background, so we can help you best in the sales process. When we understand this, we can determine which options you have, and which buyers will be most suitable. Later in this page, we describe the practical items you need to arrange when you want to sell your company fast.

Sell your company now

Let us help you with selling your company fast.

For selling a business fast an industry specialist can speed up the process because he is already connected with some prospective buyers. For IT, transportation, and chemicals we have special teams. If your activities are in these industries pick the most suitable M&A advisor yourself.

Reasons for selling your business fast

There can be a variety of reasons for selling your company quickly. We need to fully understand this, so we can help you in the best way. Are the results deteriorating fast, has new legislation or regulation passed that has changed your business environment, has the main business owner died or do other reasons exist?

We can move quickly. It is important that you fully support us in getting the required documentation assembled as we will need to have this information for interested buyers. The process we manage is similar to a normal business sale, only we perform all tasks in a faster way. We contact only the most suitable buyers and do an extensive internet marketing search. Most often, we look for an asset sale instead of a sale of shares. Selling assets is less risky for a buyer, and hence a less detailed due diligence is required. This speeds up the process and decreases the time required to sell your company. Hence, we are able to sell it faster than normal.

However, before we start the process we will want to ensure that there are no other possibilities. If you want to sell fast because your company is in a demanding situation and the business is declining, there might be other ways to solve this. We have various turn-around managers that can help to bring your company back on its feet again. Maybe this is a solution that suits you better than selling your company? We also think creatively about merging (combining) possible companies to make the total stronger and achieve a higher sales price for the combined group.

Requirements when selling your business quickly

There are various requirements when you want to sell your company fast. The general idea is that you need to be proactive and fully supportive of us when we manage the project.

Here are some of the items that are required when you want to sell your company fast:

  1. Discuss, agree and sign a mandate letter directly
  2. Willingness to pay a fixed amount (‘retainer’)
  3. Have, or work on getting, all required company data readily available
  4. Be prepared to take a lower than market price (we try to optimize the sales price of course)
  5. Work with us as a team and be very supportive and fast in providing information
  6. Help in finding possible buyers if you know suitable companies

Sell my business fast 1: discuss, agree and sign mandate letter directly

We need an engagement letter (‘contract’) before we start the process of a business sale. This document describes the way we work, the commission in case of a business sale, and other items regarding our agreement. It is important we get this document signed and returned quickly. Once we have this we can start the active process of a business sale.

Sell my business fast 2: willingness to pay a fixed amount (‘retainer’)

We need a retainer (a fixed upfront amount) when we try to sell a company fast. All the items that are required for a normal business sale exist here as well. We will need to prepare detailed documentation, invite buyers, organize meetings, negotiate and close a deal. All this takes time, effort and out of pocket expenses and we can only do this on a retained basis.

Sell my business fast 3: have, or work on getting, all required company data readily available

It is important that you have all company data readily available, so we can start the process fast. You have to prepare all information on your company in a timely manner. Ideally, have all important info readily available before starting the process. This information ranges from legal information to customer concentration and detailed sales documentation. These days, business intelligence data is as important as the more formal data like the legal structure of a business. We can provide you with a list of documentation we need so that you can start preparing detailed documentation quickly.

Sell my business fast 4: be prepared to take a lower than market price

We will always aim for the best price and good conditions in a business sale. However, if you have to sell fast it can occur that you need to settle for a lower price than hoped. Therefore, it is good that we discuss realistic price expectations before the start of the project and give you an indication of what valuation you might expect. Also, it is important to determine the bottom price you want to sell for. In practice, we see business sell at a discount if a sale needs to happen really fast.

Sell my business fast 5: work with us as a team

We need to work as a team and you must be very supportive and fast in providing information. If we have to wait for data or documents, valuable time will be lost. In a later stage of the sales process, we will get questions from buyers. These questions need to be answered fast. Hence, it is important that you have the required resources in your company to support the process of a business sale. Together we have to work as a team to get your company sold under good conditions.

Sell my business fast 6: help in finding possible buyers if you know suited companies

We need to go straight to qualified buyers if we want to sell your company fast. If you are aware of possible buyers, please let us know and we can anonymously check the actual appetite they have. In this way, we can see together which buyers are most suitable and help you in your desire to sell your company fast.

Information on how to sell a business quickly

Please contact us if you want to sell your company fast. We can give you our objective advice regarding the possibilities to sell your business quickly. We have advisors that speak your native language and have experience with many business owners that have sold their company before you. We are happy to share our knowledge and give you some free advice on what is best to do in your situation when you are considering selling your company fast.

Although you want to sell your business quickly, it is wise to control the costs involved in a business sale. Visit the costs of a business sale to get an overview of the amount of money which has to be spent. As your time is limited, perhaps you have a minute to read how to increase the value of your company to get a better price.