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How to sell your business in Romania

We help you in the sale of your company in Romania. Corporate Finance in Europe helps Romanian business owners of middle sized businesses in the sale to European or other international buyers. Our European M&A advisors across Europe have access to a large number of buyers that are interested to acquire your company in Romania. We help you in the full process of selling your company. It is important to get in touch with us early so we can help you to increase the value of your company. Please read here if you are interested how to optimize the value before you sell your Romanian company.

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Sell your Romanian business

Corporate Finance in Europe’s team provides M&A services through deep understanding of the value chain of your industry. When selling your Romanian business knowing the market trends and leading international buyers is essential. We guide you in the full process of selling your company.

The sale of an IT, transportation, automotive or chemicals company in Romania

Do you prefer an advisory which knows your industry inside out for selling your Romanian company? Sell side M&A in ICT, transportation, chemicals and automotive is a profession for m&a advisors with in depth knowledge. Modern industries can be considered diverse and complex with heavy competition. Corporate Finance in Europe’s team provides M&A services through deep understanding of your industry.

CFIE has separate teams for her core industries. This way we are aware of relevant M&A developments and the current M&A landscape. In our webinars we are able to inform you and give insights in possibilities regarding selling your company. In our weblog articles about several aspects of M&A can be found. A CFIE advisor is always looking around to find opportunities for doing the best M&A deal possible. Read more about our core industries in;

Reasons and background for selling your business in Romania

Selling your Romanian company can be initiated by the need for a strategic partner, a retirement or the desire to continue with other activities. Heavy competition make economies of scale essential. The ongoing development of the European market, globalization and developments in IT and technology make it necessary to be informed about the m&a activities and opportunities in Romania. At a certain point it makes sense to think about a merger or sale of your Romanian company to a strategic partner. This can be achieved by selling a part (minority stake or majority stake) of your business. Involve Corporate Finance in Europe at the right moment in order to find the most suited strategic partner and get the best price for your business in Romania.

Highlights cfie on selling your Romanian company

  • knowledge of your industry
  • knowledge about strategic business sales
  • knowledge of the Romania market
  • contacts to international buyers
  • experience of the selling process
  • speak your local language

Request the Corporate Finance in Europe presentation to find out how we can help you with your plans on selling your company in Romania.

Process of selling a business

Is it necessary to know the best practices in the process of selling a business in Romania? Being an European M&A network our advisors know the legal and tax aspects concerning the sale. Next to our industry focus we can offer associate services during the process of a business sale. Examples of these services are valuations, due diligence, tax regulations and turnaround management. Read more on the page sell your business in Europe

Advice on m&a

The CFIE M&A advisors will assist you with the sale of your company. Discuss your plans with a team of professionals or select your preferred consultant in international M&A advisors

Companies for sale in Romania

If your plans for selling your business are serious you can list your company in the companies for sale section. Contact us to get your company listed. It might be possible that your company in Romania is on our wanted list. Find out which companies are wanted at this moment in companies to buy wanted.

Information on the sale of your business in Romania

Please get in contact with us if you have plans to sell your Romanian company. Ask for the references in selling companies for our clients. A phone call is also suited as the CFIE advisors speak your native language.