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How to buy a thermoplastic packaging company in Romania

Do you need an advisor who speaks the Romanian language? Do you need a M&A advisor who knows the local habits? Buying a Romanian business is a job for m&a advisors who know the country and its business habits. Our M&a network has a special focus on quite some industries and we are strong in market research. We have developed B2B matchmaking projects in Eastern Europe in the sector of thermoplastic packaging. Therefore we have a good detailed understanding of the acquisition opportunities that exist in this industry. Feel free to contact us to get a better understanding on how to buy a thermoplastic packaging company in Romania (or other Eastern European countries).

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The thermoplastic packaging market in Romania

The thermoplastic packaging market in Romania is relatively small but growing. There are 28 manufacturers of thermoplastic packaging in Romania. They have a combined net turnover of 133 million EUR and employ approximately 2,600 employees. The most profitable three manufacturers of thermoplastic packaging material in Romania are Plastor, Sterk Plast and Greiner Packaging, with a cumulative net profit of 4.5 million EUR.

Three of the main foreign investments in the sector in Romania are Gold Plast Production, Argo Rom Plastics and Paccor Unical Romania. Set up in 2005, Gold Plast Production, part of Gold Plast Group Italy, recorded a net turnover of 17.6 million EUR in 2013, up by 10% compared to 2012. Established in 1996, Argo Rom Plastics, part of Argo Group Greece, recorded a net turnover of 7.3 million EUR in 2013. Set up in 1997, Paccor Unical Romania, part of Paccor Group Finland,  recorded a net turnover of 7.6 million EUR in 2013.

Process of buying companies

When you buy a business it is preferable to have an advisor who knows the best practices in the buying process. Our advisors will guide you through the process as they have helped several clients before you. Being an European network we know about the legal and tax aspects of the different EU countries. Next to our industry focus we can provide associate services. These services include valuations, due diligence, tax regulation and turnaround management. Find out more in buy a business in Romania

Legal aspects

Should your M&A advisor inform you about the legal aspects on your purchase? If you buy a business in Romania our M&A advisor will inform you about the benefits and pitfalls of the legal system. Find out more in legal aspects when buying a company in Romania.

Highlights cfie

  • We speak the Romanian language
  • We have a track record in buying companies
  • We have knowledge of the thermo plastic packaging industry in Romania
  • We can carry out competitive analysis of local players and provide sector research
  • Have contacts with business owners that could be interested to sell their company or attract investors

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The M&A advisors are ready to assist with purchasing a business in thermoplastic packaging. Discuss your plans with a team of professionals. Get in touch with one of the Romanian advisors:  Jackie Bojor or Andrei Bojor

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If you have serious plans for acquiring a company it is wise to visit the section companies for sale. You can also ask us to make a profile for a business to buy wanted. We will make a search profile for you free of charge and you will be informed if suited opportunities come up. At this moment we have a separate listing for Romania. Not all companies are listed for reasons off confidentiality, for the best result we advice you to contact us for available companies.

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Feel free to contact us for information about buying a business in Romania. The M&A advisors know your industry and speak your language. The advisors of CFIE give the best to get the deal done when purchasing a Romanian company.