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CFIE has great experience in M&A deals and knows the best practices in the field. We have many independent M&A advisors who are Polish native speakers. They can help our sell side clients in the whole process of selling their domestic business. They also know the local Polish business climate, culture, habits and taxation. They have wide range of M&A experience and industry knowledge. So, they can help navigate our buy side clients in the area of mergers and acquisitions of Polish companies. GET IN CONTACT WITH US and get 30 minutes of free advice on mergers and acquisitions in Poland      

Sell Side Mergers and Acquisitions in Poland

European Union expands continuously and that increases the possibilities for successful cross border M&A deals. Therefore, the price of your company can be as good as the opportunities for mergers and acquisitions grow up. Many European, American and Asian buyers could pay higher multiples for your business, regardless of its size. You may have small, tiny, medium or large company and we and our M&A advisors are here to help you to get the best ever price for selling it. A lot of international buyers and investors are interested to penetrate to Polish market and they could be the buyer of your company. You will get our support in that process because we know the local business practices and we speak your native language. We can help you to successfully sell your business.
CFIE has expertise both on your domestic market and on the industry you operate in. Our M&A advisor can connect you to the biggest international buyers and thus, make mutually beneficial selling of your business. For more information about sell side M&A in Poland and the sale of your business follow sell a business in Poland.

Buy Side M&A in Poland

When buying a company in Poland it is necessary to have a M&A advisor who knows the country inside – business practices, industry knowledge, precedent transactions, domestic culture. It is very helpful to have a Polish-speaking advisor.
CFIE always has local M&A advisors on the ground that speak the local language so we can help you in the best way to buy a business in Poland. For more information about the perspectives of buying a business in Poland follow buy a Polish company.

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It is important when your M&A advisor speaks other European languages. When we try to sell your company and when we try to find the company you want, we always work with M&A advisors who speak several different European languages. They are with different nationalities, so they know the local business culture and can advise you the best way in order to make a beneficial M&A deal. Also, we know that you have worked hard for many years to build up your business, so we know that you need the best M&A advise for selling your company. Please learn more about our Polish M&A advisory team by going to the page M&A team Poland.

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Please check our mergers & acquisitions advisory track record. Watch our M&A deals done in CFIE references.
Cross border M&A is profitably also for smaller companies (3m euro - 50m euro revenue).

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Professional M&A advisors monitor the M&A market continuously. Follow M&A articles about the M&A market in Europe and Poland in our M&A Blog.

If you want detailed and tailor made information about the M&A situation in Poland please get in touch with us. Please contact us to get 30 minutes of free advice on mergers and acquisitions in Poland.