How to buy a beverages company in Poland

The beverage market in Poland

The beverage market is significantly growing across Poland. The Polish market is both dominated by the main brands and widespread in various small industries at the same time, which is a remainder of its past. The Polish beverages market can mainly be divided into two main and very different sectors, the alcoholic beverages and the not alcoholic beverages. In both sectors, the distribution of drinks, especially of alcoholic drinks has been always concentrated in independent small companies. However, with time, the market has changed and there has been more sophisticated consumer expectation. Hence, the companies have adapted to consumer demands and the type and variety of products has been increased in the recent years, where specialists gained share. With regard to the soft beverages, no alcoholic drinks, they increased their variety, sophistication and specially their healthiness, due to recent consumer demands. For these reasons, there is expected to be further growth both in volume and value terms for the beverage market, alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and cider and soft drinks, especially in bottled water, energy drinks and some carbonates such as low calorie cola carbonates, lemonade/lime, nectars and juices. It also must be taken into account that the Polish no alcoholic beverage companies export very little compared to other countries, as in many companies more than half of their production is sold nationally. On the contrary the production of alcoholic beverages such as wine and cider has been increased and for many of the companies dedicated to this sector, more than 70% of their sales are exports (outside Poland).

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The type of beverage companies to buy in Poland

The beverage landscape is very diverse in Poland. Although Poland does have a rich tradition in certain traditional alcoholic beverages, many different type of successful beverage companies can be found in recent years. Our M&A advisors in Poland know the beverage in and out. There is a lot of interesting beverage companies to buy in Poland, as not all of them are only related to the food and drink sector but also to the pharmaceutical sector, by for, example, the production of ethyl alcohol. Our Polish beverage M&A team is ready to help you find suited beverage companies to buy. Here is an overview of the type of firms we come across:

  • No alcoholic beverages: soft drinks, juices, carbonated drinks and spring mineral water.
  • Alcoholic beverages, spirits, liquors, beer, wine and ciders
  • Production of alcohol related to the pharmaceutical sector.

Why to buy a beverage company in Poland?

There are many reasons why to buy a beverage company in Poland. Below you will find some reasons why Poland is a very attractive country for beverage acquisitions:

  • Growing and active market
  • Traditionally very strong market, especially in spirits and liquors and of course beer.
  • Increase of production and successful distribution of other alcoholic drinks such as wine or cider in recent years.
  • The market is very specialised and prepared to export, especially spirits, beer wine and cider.
  • Traditional medium sized family business currently interested in growing the business further or preparing succession.

How to buy a company

If you want to buy a beverage company it is good to have a good understanding of the buying process. We want to help you in the process of buying a business. This starts with the preparation to buy a company. You can find more information about buying a company in other sections of our website. With European business purchases cross border aspects are of importance. Please learn more about buying a company by reading buying a business in Poland.

Buying a beverage company in Poland

Feel free to get in touch for information about buying a beverage business in Poland. Our M&A advisors know the beverage industry in Poland and speak your language. The advisors of CFIE help you to purchase a beverage company in Poland. Our M&A advisors are ready to assist with buying a beverage business. We can bring you suited beverage companies open for a business sale. Please get in touch with Waldemar Wojciechowski to learn more about buying a beverage company in Poland.