Sell a plastics business

The sale of a plastics company

Sell a business in Plastics

Our M&A advisors have a long experience in European business sales. Please check our references in the M&A market. We are supported by an European team of plastics M&A experts. Our plastics M&A advisors help plastics business owners in a sale of their business. Our main quality is to help medium size and larger plastics firms with a sale to international plastics buyers. We know a lot of international plastic buyers that can be interested in your plastics company for sale.

Type of plastics companies we can help in a business sale

We know about the most types of plastic fields and can help plastic business owners in a business sale. It is important that we show you our knowledge of the plastics industry in a personal meeting or over the phone. Here are some plastic fields that we come across:

  • Bio-based plastics
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Engineering plastics
  • Elastomers
  • Polymers
  • Polyethylene plastics
  • Thermoplastics

Below we give some further information on a few specific plastic fields where we can help plastic business owners in a business sale.

Sell a bio-based plastics company

We see more and more demand for bio-based plastics companies. This is probably due to the environmental impact of plastics. Bioplastic can be made from agricultural by products or from used plastic bottles. There is PET recycling companies that want to do acquisitions and can be interested in your bio-based plastics company for sale.

Sell a plastic injection moulding company

Our M&A advisors have a lot of experience with the sale of different plastic injection moulding companies. We do know various business owners of plastic injection moulding companies that currently want to sell their company. These companies can supply to the automotive or aerospace industry, consumer goods, building and construction, electronics, packaging, and many others.

Different industries plastics companies for sale sell to

The plastic companies we help in a business sale supply their products to many different industries. It is very important to understand the target market of a plastics company. In the marketing of the plastics companies we bring to the market to sell we take a very detailed look at the industries they supply to. Here are some of the industries plastic companies sell their products to:

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Consumer goods
  • Building and construction
  • Transportation
  • Electronics
  • Packaging

If you sell your plastics company a buyer for your company will want to know how the allocation of the industries you supply to is.

Sell your plastics company in a specific country in Europe

We have plastics M&A specialists in many different countries in Europe. The plastics market in each of the European countries is different. We will bring you in touch with our local M&A specialists for the plastics industry. By doing this we can help you in the best way with the sale of your plastics company. Here you can read a bit more about selling a plastics company in a specific European country:

For other countries we also have plastic experts but we have not written detailed sections about the plastic M&A market in that specific country.

Type of buyers for your plastics business

Who could be the best buyer for your plastics business?

At Corporate Finance in Europe we mainly focus on international strategic plastics buyers. We are in touch with a lot of interested buyers from the plastics industry. We know what these plastic buyers are looking for. Very often we see plastic buyers interested in plastic companies for sale that supply to the automotive industry. We find the buyer that can realize most synergies with the plastics company you want to sell. Having a background in plastics helps us to find the best buyer. If you want to achieve the highest sales price often international buyers are ideal. There are quite some global plastics buyers that want to establish a presence in Europe via acquisitions. Please reach out to our plastics M&A advisors who can help you with a business sale of your plastics company.

More information on selling a company

The process of selling a plastics company differs from selling a business in a general industry. The main difference lies in the specifics of the plastics industry. If you are relatively new to business sales we suggest to visit and read more about the process of selling your company in the process of selling a business.

Preparation when selling a plastics business

Preparation is very important when you start selling your plastics business. You will need to be ready before you start the process of the sale of your plastics business. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are here to help you to sell your plastics company in Europe. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities to sell your plastics company.