CRO companies for sale

If you are looking for an CRO company for sale, you have come to the right place. In this section you will find European CRO companies open for a sale or investment. The CRO companies listed here are sometimes actively for sale but there are also cases of CRO business owners that would be open to speaking when there is a good match with an interested buyer or investor. Feel free to contact us in case you would like to receive more details on a particular company. Please explain in detail why you think there is a good fit. Further, do give details on the background and plans of your own company, so we can see that there is a good match. 

CRO companies for sale

CBD pharma company in Germany for sale

location: Germany
Valuation: >5m EUR

CRO company in Italy for sale

Location: Europe, Italy
Revenue:  <1m Euro

Profitable CRO company for sale in Europe

location: Europe
size: Revenue >10 million EUR
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