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Food Packaging Company to buy

  • The food packaging firm should have a valuation of between €10-100M
  • De locatie kan overal in Europa zijn
  • Reason for acquisition: The acquirer is seeking to acquire a food packaging company in Europe in order to expand its operations
  • Buyer seeks to benefit from synergies by acquiring a food packaging company
  • #CFIE MAB151

Food Packaging Company wanted

The acquirer prides itself on being a global specialist in packaging for food and drink. It is dedicated to making every consumer experience enjoyable, consistent, and safe.
They understand that packaging is about so much more than just what goes around a product. It’s about building brands, protecting reputations, and opening up new opportunities in new markets. This acquirer operates around the world, working as a long-term partner to its customers as they develop and grow. Wherever they are, they adapt and deliver packaging that meets local demands. They work efficiently and with respect for the environment. This buyer seeks out a food packaging company that demonstrates their values every day – continuously providing quality products with reliable services. Product ranges should be molded fiber (egg packaging), Foodservice (paper cups and folded cartons), and flexible consumer goods packaging

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Food Packaging Company wanted

The buyer is looking for a food packaging company with all the appropriate licenses, based within Europe. The buyer is looking to expand into the European market. The company to be bought should have superior processing technology.

Food Packaging Company to buy

The acquirer adheres to the highest of global quality standards and is looking for a food packaging company in Europe that also follows stringent quality guidelines. The buyer is looking for a food packaging company that possesses a quality assurance system for all its product lines. The food packaging company should also possess all these aspects:

  • Superieure verwerkingskwaliteit
  • Klantgericht
  • High-quality approaches
  • Molded fiber packaging
  • Flexible consumer goods packaging

Highlights of food packaging company wanted

  • The target company should be a food packaging firm based in Europe
  • De koper heeft voldoende middelen voor expansie na de overname
  • De koper is op zoek naar een bedrijf dat winstgevend groeit
  • De overnemer heeft een uitgebreide productielijn die binnenlandse en buitenlandse markten bedient

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