Sell an insurance business in the Netherlands

The sale of a Dutch insurance company

Our M&A advisors have a long track record with business sales in the Netherlands. Our M&A advisors also have large experience in the Dutch insurance market. We are helping Dutch insurance business owners in business sales to local or international buyers. We look for European or international insurance buyers via the CFIE network. The Dutch insurance market is very much dominated by larger insurance firms. These are some of the type of insurance products we see in the Dutch market:

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  • Motor insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Liability insurance

The best way of selling an insurance company in the Dutch market is making use of a M&A advisor who knows the local habits. Further, this advisor needs to have a background in insurance and needs to possess a network of European and international insurance buyers. Our M&A advisor has good contacts to possible international insurance buyers for your company. He also knows the local insurance market very well.

How to sell an insurance business in the Netherlands

Should a M&A advisor know your business and the insurance industry?The CFIE M&A team combines a local presence in the Dutch market with extensive industry knowledge of the insurance business. When we help insurance clients in selling their business we use a local person on the ground who fully understands the Dutch insurance market. This person works together with other European insurance M&A experts. Some of the areas of the insurance businesses where we have large experience are:

  • Insurance portfolios
  • Insurance broking
  • Risk consulting
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Reinsurance underwriting

When you sell your insurance business it is important that a M&A advisor understands the insurance market your company operates in.

Type of buyers for your insurance business

Who could be a possible buyer for your Dutch insurance business?There is quite a lot of consolidation in the insurance industry. We see many buyers look to acquire insurance portfolio’s. Most of the existing players that do acquisitions are of a large size. At CFIE we look at both domestic, Dutch, as well as international strategic insurance buyers. The best buyer might be a small, regional insurance company or one of the larger generic insurance firms. If you want to sell your insurance company there might also be a niche or industry specific insurance firm that can be better suited. We work together and try to find the buyer for you. If you have an insurance firm of a larger size and you want to achieve the highest sales price often international buyers are the best solution.

The process of a business sale

The process of selling an insurance company differs from selling a standard business. Insurance portfolios have a specific value. These values are determined from time to time. Hence, it is important to understand the insurance business and know the value of an insurance portfolio. On the other hand, for you as the seller of an insurance firm it is also important to understand the process of a business sale, at least at a high level. We do have a lot of information available on our website about the process of a business sale. By reading this you learn about how to sell a company which can help you in the process of the sale of your company. Please read more about the various steps of selling a company and go to the process of selling a business.

When selling an insurance business

The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with the sale of your insurance company in the Netherlands. We guide you through the full process of selling your insurance business. If you plan a sale of your Dutch insurance related business don´t hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities to sell your insurance company.