Interim or part time mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or Corporate Finance support in the Netherlands

When can interim or part time M&A services be useful in the Netherlands?

If you are planning on acquiring a company outside of the Netherlands or domestically and you need a lot of M&A knowledge it is interesting to have someone from Corporate Finance in Europe in your core team for a short period of time. Our people are up to speed directly due to the many assignments they have done in M&A and can be available for exactly the period of time and the number of hours a week that you need us. The costs will be much more friendly and the value you get for money will be much better than using someone of the larger external ‘BIG’ firms.

M&A is a very specific area which your company touches upon only occasionally whereas our people do this on a daily basis. Hence, it is important to have someone on board who has executed a merger or acquisition often before. Our team has been involved in many mergers and acquisitions across Europe and likely also in the industry where your company operates. In this article we will give some examples of projects that we have executed. We also touch upon some of the advantages of having a specific mergers and acquisitions (M&A) person directly in your team for projects in the Netherlands.

In which situations is an interim or part time M&A manager useful?

There is a lot of situations where an internal M&A specialist on a part time or interim basis is useful. In first instance our people can work on a strategic level and act as sparring partner for the senior management. A the same time we can also work on an operational level. We have been active in Corporate Finance activities like an IPO process. In this case our team member was available within the company and worked on various different tasks. Examples are writing pieces for the Prospectus and collecting the material for the Prospectus from the management and other sources in the company, preparing the data room and other items that needed to be solved. During an acquisition process for a client we checked the Due Diligence work from an external Big 4 company and worked with the internal and external lawyers in collecting all the material for the SPA (Share Purchase Agreement).

For another client one of our interim managers worked in house making a market scan of all possible European acquisition targets. This involved making presentations, setting up a database with targets details and making business cases for individual acquisition targets. Based on detailed financial models the acquirers internal rates of return and other critical acquisition criteria where calculated. Other projects included the sale of separate business parts abroad for a client that wanted to focus its strategy on core parts of the business.

What advantages has an interim M&A manager compared to using an external organisation?

One of the main advantages of using a CFIE mergers and acquisitions interim specialist is the value you get for your money. You get a senior M&A advisor of our team for the price where you get a junior advisor of a big 4 advisory firm. Further, our people are used to work on an interim basis and can hit the ground running. They work fully independently and need limited time to get up to speed. An interim Corporate Finance specialist can support your company in peak times and bring specialist knowledge into your company when needed.

Background of interim or part time mergers and acquisitions advisors in the Netherlands?

CFIE mergers and acquisitions partners in the Netherlands are all independent M&A advisors with long experience in their field. It is important to know that our people function fully independent and can give objective and clear feedback about mergers and acquisitions. They have often gone through specific mergers and acquisitions studies and learned a lot in the field. They gained their knowledge both in theory as well as in practice. Most of our people have an international background and can work all across Europe. A profile of our interim M&A advisor in the Netherlands, Govert Derks, can be found here. Get 30 minutes of free advice with Govert Derks, our interim M&A advisor in the Netherlands.