Metal businesses wanted

If you are planning to sell (part off) a metal company, you have come to the right place. We represent various potential buyers interested in buying a metal company. Most metal company buyers are interested in buying a very specific type of metal company. Have a look at the metal companies wanted listed below. Feel free to let us know in case you are interested in a particular buyer. If you are interested in selling your metal company, feel free to reach out to us as well as we know many more buyers that are not listed here

Buyer for Metal working company in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue 3-30 Million Eur

Buyer for parts of mould manufacturer in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue 3-30 M

Buyer for seals systems manufacturer in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue 3-10m

Buyer for a high precision standard parts manufacturer in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue 5-50 Million Eur

Buyer for Steel fabrication company in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue 5-20 M 

Buyer for a Metal Parts manufacturer in Romania

located: Romania
size: Revenue 5-30 m EUR

Buyer for a steel manufacturer in Eastern Europe

located: Eastern Europe
size: Revenue 5-50 Million EUR

Buyer for a metal processing company in Eastern Europe

located: Eastern Europe
size: Revenue 2-15m

Buyer for seal manufacturer in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue 3-10m Euro

Buyer for a manufacturer of industrial broaches in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue 5-50Million Euro

Buyer for a Metal fabrication company in Eastern Europe

location: Europe
size: Revenue 1-10 Million EUR

Buyer for Aerospace metal components manufacturer in Europe 

location: Europe 
size: Revenue 5-50m

Buyer for distributor of tools into DYI chains in Europe

located: Central Europe
size: Revenue 10-70 million EUR

Buyer for a metal sheet fabricator in Western Europe 

located: Western Europe
size: Revenue 4-40 million EUR

Buyer looking for a metal manufacturer in Slovenia 

located: Slovenia
size: Revenue 3-15 Million EUR 

Buyer for a metal fabrication business in Poland

located: Poland
size: 3-30 Million EUR

Buyer for a metal manufacturer Spain

location: Spain
size: Revenue 2-10M EUR

Buyer for metallic parts manufacturer in Europe

located: Europe
size: Revenue approx. 2 - 20 million EUR

Buyer for a mechanical seal manufacturer

location: Europe 
size: Revenue 3-20 million EUR 

Buyer for metal parts manufacturers in Europe

located: Europe
size: Target revenue EUR 1-10 million EUR

Steel Manufacturer in Eastern Europe

located: Europe
size: Sales > EUR 2M 

Metal working company Poland

located: Poland
size: small
more about this metal working company buyer

Manufacturing business to buy wanted

Buyer is looking to acquire a small sized metal stamping manufacturer

located: Eastern Europe
size: small sized business
more about this Metal stamping buyer looking to acquire a similar company in Eastern Europe

Buyer for a metal CNC supplier for the automotive and construction industry

#CFIE T0170
located: Western Europe (preferably Netherlands, Germany or Belgium)
Revenue size:  2 – 20 M €
more about this buyer of a metal CNC automotive and construction manufacturing supplier business

Manufacturing business to buy wanted

Distressed metal components manufacturing company wanted

located: Europe
Revenue size: < 10 M €
more about this metal components manufacturing company wanted