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The sale of an Italian company

The best way of selling an Italian company is making use of a M&A advisor who speaks your language. Cross border M&A can help to get a good price with the sale of your company. Cross border M&A is not only suited for large multinationals but also for companies with revenues from 5m Euro and more. Teamwork is the core competence of the CFIE M&A network, we combine geographical knowledge with in depth industry knowledge. Next to the advisor who speaks your local language you can chose a M&A advisor with a strong background in your industry. Find out if your industry is represented in International M&A advisors.

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How to sell a business

Sell your Italian business

When selling your business it is necessary for a M&A advisor to understand your business in depth. Here you find more info about our core industries:

We offer M&A advisors who speak Italian, have good contacts to possible buyers for your company and know the local business habits.

Before a company can be sold it needs to be in a good state. CFIE has a team of European turnaround managers with good turnaround experience in many industries and European countries. If your company is in trouble and needs to be restructured before it can be sold please check if your industry or country turnaround  manager is represented in International Turnaround advisors.

When selling a business

Selling your business is an important decision. Motives can be strategic goals but also the lack of successors in case of a family business. In the last case a MBI or MBO might be a solution which can be achieved by working with an Italian M&A advisor. A strategic sale doesn´t necessarily mean selling the whole company, the sale can also be regarding a minority or majority stake in the company shares.

M&A in Italy

Our advisors monitor the Italian M&A market continuously to help you in achieving the best price when selling a company. Our services are not exclusive for company owners but also for private equity and other investors. We also monitor the M&A situation of the other European countries and our core industries chemicals, transportation and IT. Learn more about  recent M&A deals in Italy for an overview of some Italian cross border M&A transactions. Convince yourself about the advantages of cross border M&A when selling your company. Within our blog we make regular publications about the M&A market in general. In M&A articles Italy you find a listing of articles about Italy and subjects related to M&A.

If you plan a sale of your Italian business  don´t hesitate to contact us. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with selling your company.